I would love to add plants to my home but with limited outside space how can I incorporate plants into my USF apartment?

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Campus Lodge features great patios or a balcony space perfect for a container garden.

Have you dreamed of an outside space to have your own plants or maybe even a garden, but you wonder how to incorporate plants into your USF apartment? Whether you are renting a one-bedroom apartment near USF or a larger space with an outdoor area here are a few options that will bring a little greenery into your space whether you are a beginner plant owner or the most experienced.


We'll start with the easiest ones that require very little to flourish, making them the perfect plant for a student apartment. Many succulents are low maintenance and come in all shapes and sizes. If you are like me, you may realize that your problem may be too much water or care. Succulents can be found at your local grocery store or garden center and many come in pots ready to go in almost every decorative style. I've enjoyed my aloe plant in my kitchen for years. It is great to have on hand for kitchen burns, sunburns, and its air-clearing abilities. Succulents also do very well outside here in Tampa and many like aloe thrive in our summer heat if you have a patio or balcony space.


Next on the list is herbs. Herbs are a great option for an indoor or outdoor garden while providing greenery and fragrance to your USF apartment. Herbs are also wonderful to have on hand to flavor your favorite foods if you like to cook. Make sure to select an herb that will work for your space and lighting. Mint, oregano, and parsley are great indoor options. If you have an outdoor patio or balcony that receives a lot of sun Rosemary would be a good option and doesn't mind being neglected (my favorite kind of plant).

Container Gardens

When you hear garden, you may think of large outdoor spaces, but container gardens are perfect for apartment living. First, start by taking a lot at the amount of sunlight your plants will receive. Purchase your plants based on what works for your apartment and you will have the most success. Your local garden center or the UF/IFAS Hillsborough Extension office can also be a lot of help for plant selection and issues of existing plants. Some vegetables you can grow indoors or outdoors if you have an outdoor space. You could opt for a single plant or pair a few plants together to create your own personal garden. Tomatoes are a popular option if you receive enough sunlight. Some varieties of lettuce do well indoors if you have access to a sunny window.

Plants including succulent, herbs, fruits and vegetables add a lot to your space. Whether you have a large apartment or one-bedroom apartment near University of South Florida you can find something that works for your home. Plants can reduce stress, improve air quality and overall, just adds beauty to your apartment or outdoor patio. Make sure to read up on each plant to make sure it works with your apartment including sunlight needs. Also, for all you students living in pet-friendly apartments make sure to check that the plant is safe for your furry friends before you make a purchase.

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