I chose an unfurnished USF apartment; how can I get affordable furniture?

As you were searching for apartments near USF you selected an unfurnished apartment instead of a furnished apartment. This is a great option if you want to purchase items that you can take with you after you graduate college or prefer furniture in your unique style. If this is your first apartment you may be wondering what type of furniture you will need. Make sure to check out all available floorplans and photos of your new apartment then make a list. You may need a bed frame with mattress, nightstand, desk with chair, dresser for your bedroom. If you have roommates, you will want to check with them to see what furniture is needed for the main living space. You may need a couch or loveseat, end table, coffee table, entertainment/TV stand, dining room table, and chairs. Once you have a list of needed items it is time for shopping. The Tampa area offers many great options to find affordable furniture and here is a list of some options that may work for you.

Places to Find Furniture Near USF 

If you have a little time and like to hunt while also exploring the area around your USF off-campus housing, thrift stores are great to find unique pieces at great prices. The Community Thrift Store is located just over three miles from the University of South Florida Campus and offers a large variety of items to furnish your new apartment. The area offers many other thrift stores and flea markets. Buying second-hand cuts down on waste and you can find something unique while keeping the cost low.


Another option if you are looking for second-hand furniture is to ask your family and friends if they have anything you can use. You could be surprised how many people have an extra dresser or bed frame in their garage or storage area. And who knows maybe they could give it to you for free.


Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are two internet options to buy second-hand furniture. In college areas, you may find a recent grad that furnished their own apartment and now looking to move on. These sites are great to connect with fellow college students and you may find everything you need in one stop.


If new furniture is what you are looking for and you want to find everything you need in one stop, IKEA is your place. IKEA is known for great prices, modern pieces that will fit into any apartment and Tampa has their own store south of the University of South Florida Campus. IKEA has it all from beds, mattresses, storage options, and home décor.


Last on our list is Target. Target is located in the University Plaza right off-campus and is also a one-stop-shop to furnish and decorate your new apartment. Target has many inexpensive options in many styles to accommodate all.


Whether you are looking for second-hand furniture or new to furnish your new USF Apartment we hope this resource helps you find everything you need while staying within budget.

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