How can I find USF apartments off campus near the Medical Library?

If you are looking USF apartments near the Shimberg Heath Sciences Library, you have several options. The University of South Florida's Medical school and Science library is located closer to the New Tampa neighborhoods. Sitting on the corner of Bruce B. Downs, this library is easily assessable from student housing areas as well as USF apartments in New Tampa.

The majority of USF apartments are located off of Fletcher and Fowler Avenues. These two streets are the major roadways surrounding the University campus. However, these are not your only two options. The Tampa institution is actually quite big, making specific areas more favorable then others when considering what your major will concentrate in. For instance, the medical and sciences buildings are closer to Bruce B Downs than they are near Busch Boulevard.

If you have chosen Medicine as your major, you may be taking trip after trip to the educational study areas, this included the Shimberg library. If this may be the case, you may first want to consider looking for places in New Tampa.

New Tampa is an up and coming community, which has actually become more reputable and recognized over the past few years. This part of town has several distinct areas, although most are family-friendly regions. Many students attending the local college due tend to reside in New Tampa, even though it is further away from class. This is for several reasons. First, homes in the area tend to be new, more luxurious and sometimes even larger. Second, there are plenty of restaurants and bars for a wide variety of ages. There are college friendly bars such a peabodys and nice dinner spots like Bonefish and Bonzai Sushi. There is also a brand new mall in the area, Wiregrass. Wiregrass has become a very popular happy hour destination for students, graduates and business professionals.

If you are moving to the city with a family, places in this neighborhood are great for kids. There is plenty of things for them to do just miles from your home. Muvico is just down the street, golf courses, gyms, gymnastics and dance boutiques, recreational soccer, softball and football. There are also several gated communities, areas with hiking trails and even ponds and lakes to fish.

The newer Tampa town is just a thirty-minute drive to the beach, a twenty minute drive to downtown, and near major interstates such as i-75, i-275 and i-4. Being next to large roadways does help out the daily commuter, however, it also brings in quite a bit of traffic.

Rent prices can vary throughout this district. The closer to stay to campus, the more reasonable rent can be. Again, however, be prepared to spend more in this region than you would in places closer to Fowler and Fletcher.

Overall, the Health majors of South Florida are located near the Moffit Center. This mean that many premed majors chose to live closer to their classes, siding on New Tampa over the typical student housing homes closer to the educational institution.

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