Are there student jobs near USF?

Are you looking for a job market near USF apartments? Tampa is enriched with an array of job opportunities suitable for USF students and alumni. The University of South Florida is located in the heart of Tampa, allowing its students and residents in the region to take full advantage of a city life while living next to suburbs and major roadways.

Many students attending the academic institution tend to lend their skills in the hospitality industry while attending classes. Being surrounded by nightlife and restaurants forces the college district to be a prime area to obtain a career in hospitality or management.

Within walking distance from USF apartments are several different hotels and restaurants that fill their buildings with student employees. Many of the surrounding parts of the college support their community by hiring the university students. These jobs can include valet parking at one of the prime golf courses, hotels or hospitals to bartending at a club or dinner, receptionist position at local hotels or offices, management, and more.

Raymond James stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is also a strong supporter of graduating students. Raymond James offers internships and employment from marketing to finance. Just near the corporate building and stadium is a variety of Tampa businesses just near USF apartments. These include many law firms, the county court house, and larger corporations such as FOX news, Bright house, Cox Radio and more.

If you are seeking these types of jobs, then living just near campus or even towards the South Tampa region would be very beneficial. If you are new to the area, living closer to campus may be much more cost effective when it comes to searching for student housing and affordable living. USF apartments near the college property come in handfuls, often offering roommate selection services and collegiate amenities. These can range from bus stops, transportation on the bull runner, resort style pools, and twenty-four hour business centers.

On the other hand, South Tampa, known as “SoHo” is much more accommodating towards those who prefer to be engulfed in the night-life scene. SoHo is also much more “trendy,” including outdoor bars, boutiques and dinners. It is also closer to downtown, the airport and Tampa Bay's beaches. Homes here, however, are much more expensive and often difficult to come by since many prefer to live in this location. South Tampa can be a thirty-minute drive from the University location, so if you do plan to live in this neighborhood be sure to plan your routes accordingly as there is plenty of traffic in this region during rush hour.

Living in USF apartments can be beneficial when looking to find a job near your home. As a result of the college campus being located in the center of the city, many students have the advantage of living near plenty of local businesses.

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