Is it easier to live in North Tampa or New Tampa when going to USF?

USF apartments are spread out throughout the Tampa Bay region. Unlike most college campuses, the University of South Florida is not stationed in your typical “college type of town.” Unbeknownt to many outsiders, Bull's Country is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida.  The allows many students attending the academic institution to have a variety of options and neighborhoods to consider when searching for USF apartments near the campus.

If you have narrowed down your search to just two neighborhoods, you are already in good shape. Determining the location of your future home is a critical factor when signing a year-long lease. You definitely want to consider the benefits of each areas and assure that they will accommodate your current as well as future needs. When comparing each community you may want to take note of its similarities, differences and what they can offer a resident.

Most students tend to rent properties in New Tampa. This is for several reasons. First, this community is much closer to the college than other surrounding neighborhoods, including the North Tampa/Carrollwood districts. In fact, many students housing properties have carried their ways into the suburbs of this neighborhood. Secondly, it's a much newer area to live in. This means brand new buildings, luxury apartments, modern designs and lots of amenities. Additionally, there are several student communities that offer public transportation to class on the Bull Runner. Thirdly, there is lots to do in this part of town. The Wiregrass Mall is just around the corner which holds popular stores such as Forever 21 and Footlocker. There are lots of restaurants and a movie theater near by, and several coffee shops.

The disadvantage to living in this precinct is the amount of traffic that is associated with a newly built region. Heavy traffic often follows rush hour. Therefore, if you plan to go anywhere during the 9am or 5pm traffic time, plan accordingly.

On the other hand, the Northern district is an older and well-established neighborhood in Hillsborough County. Tampa apartments in this location may be older but well maintained. Suburbs are generally covered in shaded trees, sidewalks, golf courses and soccer fields. Some of the County's best schools are in the area, attracting many families to relocate here. Rent prices are more than fair and there is lots to do. Similar to the other neighborhood, this area also experiences traffic. However, this is a much further drive to school and may cost you near forty-five minutes if traveling in the midst of rush hour. The beach, downtown and the airport are a shorter drive from this community than the former.

Arguably, many students enrolled at USF find that living closer to campus is a viable factor when attending class several days per week. There is a bigger selection of student housing and luxury designs. Additionally, the Bull Runner does access some of these properties, allowing one to skip the trouble of driving to campus.

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