I’m new to the area and want to go to the beach near my USF apartment. Any tips?

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College Town @ USF offers its pet-friendly apartment residents the chance to bring a furry friend along on beach roadtrips!

Planning a nice beach day doesn't have to be hectic. Whether it's a pre-planned or spontaneous trip, going to the beach at the University of South Florida can be a super fun experience for anyone looking to soak up the sun and dip their toes in the Florida water. That being said, there are some things to keep in mind before heading to the beach, especially if the trip is very last-minute.

Coming from a Florida girl herself, the beach can be either very fun or very crazy depending on how well you plan for it and what you decide to bring along the way. Not only does having all the right essentials help but picking the right time of the day (and year) can affect how much fun you have at any beach location. Also, having a washer and dryer to clean sandy beach clothes after a long day in the sun is a must!

Some of the most popular beaches close to your apartment near USF include St. Pete beach, Clearwater beach, and Ben T. Davis beach.

Monitor the South Florida Weather Closely

The most important thing to do when heading to the beach is to see if the weather is favorable on the day you wanted to go. Inclement rain, wind, thunderstorms, and lightning near USF apartments could potentially put a damper on your fun beach activities. Not to mention, that bad weather can create a hazard for people swimming in the water by causing riptides and strong currents to form that can carry you far offshore.

It's best to utilize technology to your advantage and download a beach forecast app on your phone that can give you water conditions, wave height, wind strength, and other important factors related to swimming, surfing, and going in or near the water.

Pack a Beach Bag

Going to the beach unprepared is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. That's why fitting all of your beach essentials into a couple of bags and throwing them in the back of your car will save you time and hassle from a failed beach trip near USF apartments.  I suggest sunscreen, water-safe shoes, a first aid kit for scrapes and cuts, multiple fluffy beach towels, hats, an extra change of clothes, a cooler full of hydrating drinks and snacks, sunglasses, a phone charger, and extra cash just in case you have to pay for parking.

The most fun non-material things to bring are your roommates and friends. If you live in a 4-bedroom apartment near USF, you are bound to have at least one person who would be willing to go to the beach with you for a couple of hours. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment near USF, you can bring along your furry friend too!

Protect Your Skin Near USF Apartments

The most important thing to remember when going to a beach near USF apartments is that you are in the sun for multiple hours at a time. This could lead to horrible sunburns and skin damage without the correct protection. I suggest a minimum of 50 SPF sunscreen and clothing like hats, sunglasses, and long pants that can cover up your skin when the sun is extra severe.

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