What are the best floorplans for USF apartments?

When it comes to searching for the best apartments near University of South Florida, the type of floorplan you choose will have a lot to do with the amount of space you require in a new home. There are many different apartment layouts as well as many unique communities that you could potentially choose from; it all comes down to your budget, your lifestyle and your needs, all of which can be used as apartment search criteria on ApartmentsForBulls.com.

One-bedroom apartments near USF

USF apartments that offer a one-bedroom layout are the perfect choice if privacy is one of your top concerns. If you do not have any roommates or do not care to live with any roommates, then a one-bedroom may fit your lifestyle and needs. Since you are the one making all of the decisions, you can decorate however you want, clean as often (or not as often) as you'd like and pretty much live every day to the beat of your own drum. You may even be able to save a little extra money on the cost of utilities each month, since you will be the only one consuming any energy or water. If you do live with a significant other, sharing a one bedroom apartment can help you save extra money on rent and utilities. You'll just want to make sure there is plenty of closet space for both you and your loved one -- consider floorplans that feature walk-in closets!

Although living in a one bedroom apartment may have its perks, there are a few drawbacks to think about before putting pen to paper. Since you are the person who is responsible for EVERYTHING, that means that your costs will potentially be higher than if you shared the cost with a roommate. Also, a one bedroom may not offer as much space as other layouts, so keep that in mind if you have a lot of storage needs or oversized furniture.

Two bedroom apartments near USF

Apartments near USF that offer a two bedroom situation are perfect for both roommates and single-dwellers. A two bedroom offers more space than a one bedroom, so anyone living alone that may need an extra guest bedroom or office space could potentially go this route. As far as roommates go, sharing a two bedroom will greatly reduce your living expenses, by splitting both the rent and the cost of utilities.

While two bedrooms are great for the most part, you will want to keep in mind that there are a couple of downfalls that come along with renting them. If you are a single-renter who is renting a two bedroom without a roommate, keep in mind the cost of rent may be higher than a one bedroom. Plus, since the unit will typically have more square footage than a one bedroom, it may cost more to heat and cool the entire floorplan. If you decide to have a roommate while renting a two bedroom, you may save some money each month but you will no longer receive that privacy that comes along with living by yourself.

Three bedroom apartments near USF

USF apartments that offer a three bedroom layout offers many of the same perks as a two bedroom unit…only multiplied! Even more bedrooms equal even more roommates; this equals even more savings in monthly costs! With more people living in the apartment, you can split more than just the costs. Each roommate can be responsible for a specific household chore, making cleaning day a breeze. Three bedrooms also come along with more storage and closet space. Additionally, many three bedroom apartments may have a unique layout, such as a townhome or a loft.

Three bedrooms are indeed wonderful, but they have their share of issues too. Even more bedrooms equal even more roommates; this can equal even more drama! With more people living in and sharing the same space, tensions can rise. This is not always the case, but it is definitely not out of the ordinary. With so many different personalities in one apartment, conflicts can pop up. And you thought you had no privacy in a two bedroom? Try adding one extra person into the mix!

Four bedroom apartments near USF

Apartments near USF that offer four bedrooms are great for anyone looking to lease on a budget! Splitting the living costs between four people is a great way to maximize your dollars and have some extra spending money at the end of the month. If you're new to town, having three new roommates may also offer instant friendship and companionship. Your overall square footage may be larger as well, giving you great access to awesome common areas such as a large living room, spacious patio/balcony or kitchen.

As with any of the floorplans mentioned above, the four bedroom definitely has its drawbacks along with its perks. You will have the least amount of privacy in this type of layout. Unless you find a community that offers all-inclusive utilities, your electricity bill may be higher each month because of the amount of people consuming it. 

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