I enjoy biking and taking walks. Are there some good trails located near USF?

If you're moving to apartments near USF and love recreational bike rides or walks, you'll be able to find plenty of trail options just moments away from your new place. In addition, biking is a very popular activity with students attending USF, so it will be easy to find like-minded people to join your rides. Planning on attending the college as well? You may even find that commuting via bicycle is good alternative to driving your car to campus every day. Read through this FAQ to discover biking and walking trails near USF apartments, as well as opportunities to join groups and meet new friends!

Want a place to bring your bike and enjoy a nice ride through beautiful Florida nature? Right around the corner from apartments at USF is the gorgeous Lettuce Lake Park, located just off of Fletcher before I-75. This park is huge and has plenty of paved trails available for cyclists to enjoy for hours. If you'd rather go for a walk, you can always join one of the free guided nature tours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The rangers will guide you through the trails and you can learn all about the local flora and fauna. Interested in a more fitness-focused walk? The park features "fitness" trails with different types of training equipment available for you as you walk or run down the path. Right next door to this park is the USF Recreational Park, which is also great for some leisurely walks and Frisbee fun! It has a large field located next to river, as well as a vast wooded area in the back that features winding, tree-covered trails.

Looking for like-minded people near USF apartments to share your love of cycling? You'll be happy to know that USF has a Bicycle Club that aims to make the USF campus and Tampa more bike friendly, teach others about bike safety, and organize recreational group rides. If you're not sure how to get into commuting on a bicycle, this would be a great place to start. You'll be able to find all the information on their website regarding top ten bicycle tips, how to fix a broken bike, detailed campus maps, and the best bicycle routes. Bicycling to school or work may become your new favorite pastime, especially when you know how to ride safe and get the most out of your cycling experience. When you want to find others to cycle with, go to their website and check out their ride calendar, where you can find information about organized events throughout the year.

We hope that residents who are cycling enthusiasts are excited to move to USF apartments! With so many trail opportunities close by, you'll always be able to enjoy a nice walk or bike ride outside. We bet your new apartment complex will also have some great internal or nearby options for a recreational bike ride, so make sure to use our website to find a place that has all the amenities you are looking for.

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