What’s the best way to start composting in USF apartments?

It might seem impossible to implement more green, eco-friendly practices in an apartment or dorm near the University of South Florida. Sometimes you live in a dorm with other people or have a 3-bedroom apartment with other roommates sharing that space with you. Either way, a smaller space with less room, might seem like an unreasonable place to compost, but actually, this isn't true. Composting requires very little space and can be done successfully if the right steps are taken to make it happen.

The first step to composting in apartments near USF is to commit. If you take on the responsibility of composting to better the environment and give back to yourself, everything else is less of a commitment because composting essentially does itself.

Composting in a Good Location in Your USF Apartment

If you live in an apartment with other roommates and want to stick your compost container in a common area, you should make sure to check in with them first before putting it wherever you want. Chances are, if you talk to them about your decision to compost in your USF apartment ahead of time, they might want to help you compost and contribute compost scraps of their own!

Another thing to consider while composting inside is to make sure that you and your roommates don't have pets or other animals that can get into the compost bin. This is especially important for anyone living in a pet-friendly apartment near USF. If you do have cats or dogs, make sure that the compost bin is in a somewhat hidden or concealed location, or try to get a compost bin with a lid attached to it.

If you want to compost outside, getting an apartment with a patio or balcony can be the perfect choice for your composting needs.

Try Vermicomposting in Apartments Near USF

Vermicomposting is the use of small worms that eat up your compost materials and create fertilized compost soil, perfect for plant owners who want to grow flowers and produce. Composting is a great way to naturally obtain fertilizer that's non-toxic, all-natural, and contains nutrients that will feed your plants over time.

It might seem complicated to find composting worms, but there are plenty of farms that have worms you can purchase for composting. Near your USF apartment, multiple worm farms specifically seek out worms for composting, making it less of a challenge for you to go and find them on your own.

Compost the Appropriate Materials in USF Apartments

You can't just stick anything in your compost bin. Some acceptable materials to compost include food scraps (eggshells, bread, fruit, herbs, lettuce, banana peels, coffee grounds), paper materials (printer paper, newspaper, cardboard, magazines), and yard items (grass clippings, leaves, wood shavings). As long as you don't stray away from this list of materials, your compost will be healthy and thriving like it should.

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