Any tips for leasing while practicing social distancing during COVID-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a series of stressful and unsure semesters for many USF students. You're adjusting to distance learning, altered plans and schedules, social distancing, and washing your hands more times than you ever thought possible. It's a lot. But leasing your next apartment doesn't have to feel stressful. Here at, we're the experts on apartments near the University of South Florida and we're coming to the rescue! 

We're not medical experts. We certainly can't offer you advice on how to avoid the Coronavirus. However, we know Tampa area apartments and we've compiled some of our best advice on how to secure your new apartment and navigate new leasing procedures during these unprecedented times. The exciting news is that we live in a virtual world and many communities are really leveraging digital tools to make touring and leasing easy and seamless, even when social distancing is the name of the game. So listen up USF students and reserve your apartment home remotely and with confidence! We'll show you how.

Have Fun with Your Online Search has always been THE resource to kick off your apartment search and this situation is no different. With tons of listings that include comprehensive community descriptions, lists of the amenities you care about most, and galleries full of photos so you can see all the details, you'll be able to find your next home without leaving your current one! Even your friends can easily get involved so you can arrange roommates and apartment hunt together. Do an online search for apartments near USF and then plan to meet via Facetime with your future roommates. You can share your finds, discuss preferences, and duke it out to figure out the winning property!

Are leasing offices open? Should I call or visit?

At this time, many leasing offices have reopened with social distancing precautions in place. However, it isn't out of the question that some may remain closed. Use our listings to see office hours and easily click to call and inquire about in person appointments for apartment tours. Can't make it on-site. No problem!. Leasing offices have joined the remote workforce and have established remote leasing environments to serve renters. Leasing offices near USF are fielding calls and responding to emails so be sure to reach out to your favorites. The leasing agent will be available to chat and will answer your questions. Many offices are also prepared to offer virtual tours (more on that later!) 

When should I plan to sign a lease?

Leasing season for Fall semester is fast approaching, with the ideal time to sign being March and April. Starting school during the Spring semester? Signing a lease between September and December are your best bet. Spring is a great time to sign for summer. 

Do you have tips for remote property tours?

We've already noted that many student apartments near the University of South Florida is featuring virtual tours. Definitely inquire if you're unsure! Many of the apartments are willing to offer one-on-one virtual tours through Facetime and similar platforms. Just like you would if you were choosing to visit properties in person, make a list of your top 3 communities and reach out. See if they can provide a virtual tour and begin to make some decisions. 

Also, don't hesitate to come prepared with questions. Don't be afraid to ask them to interact with the apartment on video so that you can see how things work. Examples of things you might ask:

  • Where is the washer and dryer located? Can you show me what they look like?
  • Can you open the closet? I want to get an idea of what the shelving is like!
  • How many outlets are there in the bedroom?

Can I apply and sign my lease without visiting the office?

Good news! It has become much more common for apartment communities to offer online application and leasing options. If you're ready to sign, the apartment community should have the capability to offer you a digital way to apply and sign a lease so just inquire with the leasing agent. It's worth noting that each community will likely have a slightly different process, especially as each apartment community adapts to this quickly changing environment so just ask, and the leasing expert will guide you through the process.

Ready to Experience a Virtual Tour?

Some of our properties on already have virtual tours loaded onto their websites! We've curated a few for you to get you started. Check them out here!

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