How do I de-clutter my closet in USF apartments?

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Cluttered closets are the worst! How did you collect SO many clothes? While we all believe it is a positive thing to have a sprawling wardrobe, it becomes troublesome when we don't have the large walk-in closet to store it all (although some do have pretty roomy walk-in closets you'll love). Apartments near University of South Florida can often be your escape from the stresses of daily life. However, that is difficult if you get anxiety every time you peek into your closet! There is good news; there is something that YOU can do about it! You can start the process of decluttering your closet today. All you need is some patience, a couple of hours and some supportive friends…you know, for moral support!

They don't call it Spring Cleaning for nothing! The good news is, Spring Cleaning can take place during any season at USF apartments. If you look into your closet right this second and it looks like an atomic bomb has went off, don't panic. It is time to purge. This is the point that you must be realistic with your clothing. If you are holding onto that sweater with a soda stain and holes in it, just because it reminds you of when your high school crush accidentally spilled their drink all over you at a party and you proceeded to fall into a prickly bush, I have some bad news for you. Toss it. (It's probably healthy to toss that memory too, especially if your crush is no longer in your life! Not speaking from experience or anything…) Be VERY realistic with all of your clothes. Holding onto your old prom dress that is now 6 sizes too small is not a realistic option. Unless you plan on letting your daughter wear it in a throwback beauty pageant one day, that puffy crinoline skirt is taking up too much space! (Disclaimer: If it actually is that important to you, think about sending it to your parents' house for safe keeping…now it's THEIR problem! Just kidding.)

If you're finding it difficult to determine what should be tossed and what shouldn't at apartments near USF, then try to employ the hanger method. Start by turning all of your hanging clothes around. Your hanger hook should be backwards. Then, every time you take an item off of the hanger, wear it, wash it and put it back, you will place the hanger the correct way. Give yourself a time frame. Some people may choose 6 months. Others a year. Maybe you're feeling like you really need to clear some space so you choose a month! Either way, at the end of this time frame, you will see what clothes you actually wear and which ones you don't. Take the clothes on the hangers that were never touched and donate them to your local Goodwill or take them to a consignment shop to make some extra cash. No questions asked. This really gives you some perspective on what you wear and what you don't. Once you clear the unused items, you will feel like you have one of the cleanest and best apartments in the entire community!

Now when I talk about "tossing" clothes at USF apartments, I do not mean throw them in the dumpster. No way. These are perfectly good clothes that can just relocate from your closet into someone else's. They deserve a second shot at life, especially with so many people in need of clothing. This is why one of my personal favorite methods and reasons to clean out my closet is donation. There are so many local organizations that can use your old clothes, like Goodwill, Salvation Army or even a local women's shelter or church. If you have some nicer items that you want to try and make some money off of, you can try setting up a yard sale or selling to a consignment shop. Stores like Plato's Closet will buy your name brand used clothing, so that is an option as well. And if all else fails, call in your friends or younger siblings to rummage through your closet; sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure!

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