I am looking to get a USF apartment with a patio or balcony. How can I best decorate my new outdoor space?

When you live off-campus near the University of South Florida, it's nice to soak up the sun when you can and get some fresh air. If you live in an apartment with a patio or balcony, you don't have to go very far to find fresh air with a private outdoor space conveniently connected to your USF apartment.

Depending on how large your outdoor space is, you can do anything you want and take advantage of the outdoor addition while you still have student housing. Although having an apartment and decorating the inside alone can seem expensive, there are ways to stretch your dollar so that having an extra space outside is also within your budget.

Scope Out the Balcony and Patio Spaces at Apartments Near USF

Before you get an apartment, it's best to look at pictures, take tours, and look at resident reviews before committing to a lease that you can't get out of. This way, you can get an apartment with a balcony that can accommodate furniture and seats for all your roommates and friends. Depending on what USF apartment you get, the balcony will vary in size. If you want a space for just you and your roommates, then a smaller balcony or patio will suffice. If you want to invite friends over to hang outside, a larger patio or balcony would work better.

A small coffee table and fold-out chairs are great for a small space. A sectional and a larger table are better for a larger outdoor space and can seat more guests.

Plan for the Unpredictable Weather Near USF Apartments

Nothing is worse than purchasing a bunch of nice furniture that is not compatible with outside weather conditions. Getting outdoor furniture for apartments near USF can get somewhat expensive because of the special materials, fabric, and coatings that are used to keep out moisture, debris, and other environmental elements. If you have the money, purchasing luxury outdoor furniture is a great investment and when you move out of your apartment, you reuse them because they will last for a long time.

Florida weather has a mind of its own, meaning furniture that is not meant for the outside can decay, attract bugs and mold, and be an investment that doesn't pay off in the long run.

Make It a Place to Entertain Close Friends at Apartments Near USF

There are some unique ways to accessorize your outdoor space that facilitate different kinds of social activities. For example, you can put a mini fire pit on the patio or balcony and roast marshmallows when it's cold outside. If you have many friends or are in a 3-bedroom USF apartment, you can get a small grill and host a barbecue with friends in the summer when nothing is better than a hotdog or hamburger under the sun. Whatever you prefer, a patio or balcony is a great option to immerse yourself in the outdoors without having to travel too far.

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