I am excited to move to a blank slate! What are some good ideas for decorating my new USF apartment?

One of the best perks to moving to apartments near USF is the opportunity to create a brand new living space. While you're piling things in boxes and bags, you start to realize how many things you've accumulated that you may have completely forgotten about! Perhaps you didn't have the chance to decorate your last apartment exactly to your liking and things felt a bit scattered. Now is your chance to start over and create the environment of your dreams! Read through this article for some ideas on how to decorate your new place.

All USF apartments will have bare walls that are just begging to be embellished with your personalized art and décor. Think about your favorite things in life: do you love to travel in certain places of the world? Are there some films you could watch over and over again? What kind of moods and colors help you relax at the end of the day? If you can't stop thinking about that trip to Ireland last year or can't wait to go hiking in the Smokey Mountains again, you should look for an art print or painting that brings that environment closer to home. Apartments near USF are close to many different art fairs and festivals so you'll have the opportunity to see the art in person and support your local community. In addition, there are quite a few pop culture and collectibles stores in the area with unique posters and wall hangings from your favorite movies and TV shows. If you're envisioning sandy-beige or baby-blue colored walls, painting the walls your new unit may be an option as well – just make sure you check with the office first!

Once you've covered all the walls, you can start thinking about accents that would mesh well with your new art pieces. Do you receive a lot of flowers for the holidays but hate when they wilt and end up in the trash? Dried flowers make lovely decorations! USF apartments are near some craft stores that sell antique-looking wall vases and hangings that would be perfect for your dried roses, lilies, carnations, and anything else you can think of! Just tie them upside-down using any kind of string and they should be ready for your vases in a few days. Even if you don't have any flowers to dry, you can head to nearby Michaels or Jo-Ann's and choose from a variety of synthetic plants. You'd be surprised at how fun it can be to create your own ever-lasting bouquets.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for decorating one of your new USF apartments. Bare walls and a new environment can be very motivating for achieving the décor look you've always wanted. Another great source of creativity and relaxation is growing and taking care of your own plants. If you've always wanted a garden, you can search for apartments with a patio or balcony using our website!

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