Any tips for doing dishes in apartments near USF?

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No matter if you're an avid cooker or you frequent the kitchen only once a day, dirty dishes are inevitable. If you are attending the University of South Florida, you might utilize your USF apartment kitchen to cook for you and your friends or your roommates might use it often too. Regardless of the situation, dishes can pile up pretty quickly.

Nothing is worse than feeling the burden of a pile of dirty dishes in the sink just waiting for someone to clean them. There are ways to make this feeling go away. Below are some of the most useful tips for tackling the chore of doing dishes without it feeling like a burden.

Share the Workload in USF Apartments

If you live in a three-bedroom apartment, your two other roommates will be generating dirty dishes. Not only will you have to clean up after yourself, but you might also find yourself cleaning up after your roommates in apartments near USF as well. This can get frustrating if a chores cycle isn't put into place. What I mean by this is that it's best to assign dishes to each roommate at least once a week. That way, one person isn't doing all of the cleaning.

If you are worried about being paired with an unmotivated, messy roommate, apartments with roommate-matching might reduce this risk and help you find roommates with similar cleaning habits as you. Also, finding the time to do the dishes yourself might be challenging depending on how busy your schedule is but as long as you communicate with your roommates and do a small amount of cleaning every day, you should have very few issues with keeping your kitchen clean.

Be Resourceful in Apartments Near USF

Sometimes you won't be blessed with the best tools for cleaning your dishes with total ease. Not every USF apartment comes with a handy dishwasher waiting for you to load dishes into it. Even if you don't have all the time in the world, there are ways to wash and dry your dishes by hand that can make having little time and desire to dishes applicable.

First off, you could look for an apartment with a patio or a balcony. You might be wondering what this has to do with the dishes. Well, you can use natural sunlight to dry your dishes. I know it sounds somewhat archaic, but if you purchase a dish drying rack and place it outside under a covered awning, your dishes will be in direct sunlight and will dry perfectly. Not only will this reduce the amount of water you use, but it can also make it easier than drying every dish by hand.

Secondly, if you feel that you don't have adequate time to scrub your dish right after it's been used you can always soak it for a few hours until you have enough time to revisit it. This is a great trick that can save you hassle later because you won't have to use serious elbow grease to get the dried food or grease off your pots and pans from hours earlier.

As long as you spread out the workload and put small amounts of effort into maintaining the dish load, you should be able to have a clean kitchen and clean, ready-to-use dishes all the time.

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