What can I expect around sports seasons in Tampa? Will there be even more traffic near USF?

USF apartments are located in the center of Tampa. This allows students to enjoy Tampa's best beaches, be located minutes from amusement parks and entertainment, and in the center of commerce.

College football and Tampa bay Sports in general, are one of the prides of the community. A league of sports teams, whether it be large or small is a power thing. You can definitely be sure to experience Buccaneer, Lighting, Rays and Bulls pride throughout the region of Tampa.

USF apartments, however, are just outside of the skirts of the sports venues in the city. Although the academic institute is located in the heart of the bay, the football stadium is located South of the Bull's campus just near downtown and the International airport. If you do plan to live in USF apartments closer to South Tampa, be prepared to experience a dense amount of traffic during NFL and college football seasons.

On the other hand, if you plan on living near the campus, you may have little impact when it comes to being stuck in a pool of traffic from in town games. The university campus actually experiences mild noise when it comes to game day events, be it NFL or college sports. In fact, most students carry about their days unaffected by the rivalry spirit.

Conversely, South Tampa undergoes a fair amount of traffic and noise on game days. Not only are parts of this area walking distance to Raymond James stadium, it is also a short drive to downtown Tampa where the Tampa Bay Lighting take on their opponents. Additionally, Soho is the popular neighborhood where most residents in the area visit after a victorious win or just to enjoy bar hopping on a Saturday night.

If you plan to live anywhere near the perimeters of Dale Mabry, consider this a war zone come any event at Raymond James. Traffic will lead to a steady halt for at least two hours before the event and two hours after.

The downtown arena will also cause some traffic going up Interstate 275 and commuting throughout the one-way streets of downtown Tampa during Lightning Hockey games. This traffic, however, is much more bearable in comparison to the football stadium crowds. The major thing you will need to consider is parking. Parking is already limited in the business district. If you are searching for apartments in this area, know that you may want to consider either taking public transportation on the day of the game or finding properties that have a designated parking spot.

In all, if you are living in apartments near USF, you should not have too much of a problem on game days. Most residents in the area rarely experience anything much traffic that would interrupt their days. On the other hand, if you live further south of campus, you may want to plan your day accordingly because there will be a good amount of traffic to sort through during the late afternoon and evening hours.

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