We’ve lived together for a month and I’m going crazy! How do I get along with my roommate?

Living with a roommate (or three!) can be one of the most educational parts of your college education. Living in your apartment near USF, you will probably have roommates to help you cut down the cost of your rent. In some cases, roommates, if they are a good fit, become some of your best college buddies. But sometimes, people don't fill out roommate matching forms accurately, and sometimes, people just don't click.

If you have a roommate that you just can't seem to figure out, here are some tips to help you get along during your stay in your USF apartment. You've both signed a lease, so each of you should make your best effort to live together peacefully. You may never become good friends – but that's ok. Your goal should not be to befriend every roommate you ever have. Some people just aren't compatible, and that doesn't make you or your roomie a terrible person.

If there are certain habits of your roommate that simply drive you up the wall, pick a time when you aren't upset to talk to them about it. Don't attack them – they probably have no idea you are bothered by their socks left on the floor of your apartment near USF. A simple statement, like "I'm sure you don't mean to, but it really bothers me to find toothpaste left in the sink in the mornings." They want to have a pleasant living experience in your USF apartment too, and will probably try to do better. This is also a good time to ask if anything that you do is really bothering your roomie. You may have a habit that they don't like but were not comfortable bringing up. An added bonus – if you work on what they say, they will be more likely to work on what you asked them to.

Sometimes, though, roommate issues stem from integral differences in expectations. If you haven't already, sit down and talk about what everyone is comfortable with regarding parties, friends visiting, and other personal boundaries at your USF apartment. During this time, don't just sit down with a literal list of rules and tell your roommate(s) what they are not "allowed" to do. Use this time as a time to better understand the people you're living with. Know what things you absolutely can't stand, and which things are simply preferences. You will probably disagree about some things, but that is ok. An important lesson can be learned from living with roommates: tolerance. It's a helpful skill that will come in handy throughout your life – at work, with your family, and just with relating to people in general.

Finally, be a good roommate. It's hard to expect your roommate to be perfect, or even a good roommate, if you aren't considerate of them. Use headphones when you are listening to music, unless you specifically know your roommate likes your music and wants to hear it at a specific time. Don't "borrow" your roommates things unless you get specific permission. (Getting permission to borrow a shirt once does not constitute permission to borrow any thing, any time) Clean up after yourself. General courtesy will often lead to reciprocal courtesy while living in a Tampa apartment. Good luck with your USF apartment!

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