Do I need a car to get around the USF area?

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Campus Lodge offers residents free parking if they choose to bring a car.

Moving to a new city without the luxury of a vehicle can create worry and dependence on an individual. That being said, when moving to such a large city such as Tampa, it will be burdensome to commute around town without your own vehicle.

Most Tampa residents do own their own vehicles. Although there is public transportation throughout Tampa, it is not as well guided as in other cities. Meanings, many do not opt for public transportation in this city nor are the bus routes much of convenience.

However, if you are just worried about being able to travel around the USF campus, there is not much to worry about. Yes, USF is a large campus. With added expansions nearly ever semester, it has become difficult to keep up with USF's many buildings.

The University of South Florida does have its own public transportation called the Bull Runner. The Bull Runner, circulates throughout the entirety of the USF campus, making scheduled stops throughout the Bull's campus up until midnight. This transport is also free to all USF students.

If you are moving to the USF neighborhood, I would highly recommend living in USF apartments near campus. Many communities around the school are located near Bull Runner bus stops. This allows you to walk out your front door and catch a free ride to and from school.

Living near campus, while allowing you the greatest opportunity for independence living, also allows you the convenience to enjoy the best of what USF has to offer. Additionally, these apartments near USF are often quite affordable, especially if you decide to live on campus. Settling in on campus grounds also allows you to meet new friends, potential classmates, and have all access to the school's brand new fitness facility.

The USF community has exponentially expanded over the last few years. This new growth has resulted in brand new apartment units, a recreational center, and many new restaurants. Thus, making the ownership of your own vehicle to be almost arbitrary. Although you may want transportation assistance to take you to and from a grocery store, there are plenty of amenities within walking distance of your home. Just on campus alone is a Beef O' Brady's, Subway, Burger King, Moe's, Chick-fil-A and more. The University Mall is just a mile or so away from campus just near a Walmart, Publix and Target. However, the majority of students do tend to prefer to travel to South or North Tampa to do the majority of their retail shopping.

As we established, just getting around campus, really will not cause much of a problem. With the Bull Runner, the ease to traveling from one side of campus to the other, should be one of ease—especially since you do not have to waste a solid forty-five minutes looking for ample parking. However, if you do plan to travel around Tampa to visit the beaches, malls, bars and tourist attractions, it may be easier to hitch a ride or consider purchasing your own car.

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