Why is it important to get outside when living in USF apartments?

Online classes have started something that may not be able to be stopped. Beware residents of USF apartments, you may be living amongst vampires. Not cool sparkle vampires like in those great movies we all saw the trailers for and said "meh", but depressed, out-of-shape vampires who fear the sunlight as well as stairs.

So who are these creatures and where did they come from; more importantly, why do they hang around apartments near USF? Well, like I said before, the cause of this problem is online classes. It's not just USF apartments they inhabit either, but the dorms and apartments of any university that is heavily pushing online schooling.

The danger of online classes isn't because they cause people to bite each other, it's because they cause people to never leave their home. Many majors in college have only online classes, meaning that students living in USF apartments don't have to go anywhere to do what they need for the day. Constantly staying home can create some really bad habits, impacting both your physical and mental health.

When you don't have a reason to ever leave USF apartments, you may find that you are taking worse care of yourself. You don't need to brush your teeth or shower because you aren't going anywhere for the day. You can even get away with wearing the same clothes all week if you have to, because there isn't anyone to judge you. Sure your roommates might be around every once and a while, but they are most likely going to be out and doing things most of the day.

You may even find that on the rare occasion that to do have to leave USF apartments, you don't bother to clean yourself up because at this point it is just too much effort. Soon you may start to notice other things becoming too much effort. You'll sit all day and won't be able to motivate yourself to go to the gym, even when many apartments near USF offer great fitness amenities within a five minute walk.

As I said before though, it won't only be your physical health that will suffer if you just stay in USF apartments all the time. Your mental health will suffer as well. What to do you think not taking care of yourself is going to do to your confidence? I can assure you it isn't going to go up.

Intensive seclusion can also do strange things the brain, causing cases of depression. Trust me that depression is not something you want to be involved in; it's a pit that gets harder to climb out of the longer you are affected. In some cases, a serious case of depression can be so extreme that it can replace laziness as the reason for not leaving USF apartments with fear. You really don't want to get to that point.

So, while "Twilight" might make us believe that being a vampire is awesome, remember that it's not; it's called a curse for a reason. If you find yourself living in apartments near USF without actually ever going to USF, or anywhere at all, you should really try to make some changes. It may be hard at first, but I guarantee that you will feel much better with a little sunlight in your life. Otherwise, if you are living in USF apartments and have a roommate or friend who never leaves their room, do them a favor and drag them out for something fun. They will thank you in the long run.

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