What are some easy and green new year’s resolutions I can do at my USF apartment?

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The Linx
The Linx apartments are 1-mile from the USF campus, on the HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority) route, and include many green efforts such as recycling.

As we start out the year 2022, you may be looking for some easy ecofriendly new year's resolutions to carry out at your apartment near USF. Below you will find some ideas to start you on your way to a greener lifestyle in 2022 that are easy to achieve in any apartment near the University of South Florida.

Find a Green Apartment

Start your search for student apartments in Tampa. You may prefer a nature view, patio or balcony space, or a garden-style apartment. You may pick an apartment based on aesthetics and bringing the outside in to help you focus on a green lifestyle. These choices may also allow space to start a small patio container garden. On our site, you can also search by green efforts such as if recycling is available, including paper, glass, and plastic. You can also search if low energy lighting is used, LEED Certified, tankless water heaters, or native landscaping, to name a few options.

Change Your Lifestyle 

As listed above, recycling is an easy way to get started in a green way of living. If you are set in your apartment, check with the leasing office if recycling is available. If you live in the city limits of Tampa, check these recycling FAQS on locations for public drop-off for recyclable items.

Next on the list that may seem intimidating but is relatively easy even in your USF apartment is composting. Composting is a natural process of taking your kitchen and household waste and turning it into valuable, nutrient-rich food for your plants and garden. You can purchase a container or team up with a company like Suncoast Compost where they provide containers, pick up the used containers, or you can drop off and later pick up the finished compost or choose to donate your compost to local companies or farmers for their gardens and plants.

Another way to go green is to cut down on plastic, one-time-use products. You can purchase shampoo, face wash, and other toiletries as solid bars and eliminate those containers. You can carry a reusable water bottle and straw available in various materials, including stainless steel, glass, and silicone. Bring reusable shopping bags for your grocery trips and look for reusable food containers and bags for lunches on the go and storage in your apartment near USF.


If your apartment is within walking distance to the University of South Florida campus, such as on Fowler Avenue or Fletcher Avenue, you may walk most days to class. If your student apartment is a little further, you may opt to use public transportation on the Bull Runner Shuttle or one of these other transportation options in the Tampa Bay area.

Shop Secondhand 

Last on our list to keep in mind as you start 2022 with a green lifestyle in mind at your apartment near USF is to buy second-hand when you can and donate any of your used goods. Tampa includes many great thrift stores to check out for unique items to decorate and fill your apartment. Check with them on donations or a local Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. Instead of taking up space in a landfill, put your used goods to good use. We hope you have a happy and green 2022!

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