I’m a USF student in need of a roommate for next year. Are there any apartments that offer roommate-matching services?

There are many things to consider when finding your future apartment. Price, location, amenities, floor plan and more- the last thing you want to do is also worry about who you are going to live with!

If you find yourself in need of a roommate, do not worry; Rent Tampa Bay features a variety of Tampa apartments. These communities stretch across the entire city, including locations near the University of South Florida. Even better: many of the apartments provide roommate-matching services.

Roommate-matching services are common in larger apartment communities, but can also be found in several smaller ones. The matching is a simple process, typically done free of charge. Most services merely require the filling out a small survey. Questions normally cover one's personal habits and living preferences. From there, the management company takes care of the rest. When filling out the survey, make sure you answer honestly! Don't proclaim yourself a night owl if you really prefer going to bed early. Little fibs can lead to future headaches and even roommate conflicts. Simply put, "honesty is the best policy" when it comes to roommate matching.

To find apartments that offer matching services, visit our Tampa Bay Apartments page. This page features a list of apartments as well as an array of search-filtering tools to help narrow and customize your search. Under the "Student Housing" tab, you can select checkboxes that exclusively show USF apartments as well as apartments that offer roommate-matching services.

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