Do you have any tips for doing laundry in USF apartments?

Doing laundry is a chore that everyone living in USF apartments has to deal with on a regular basis. Communities in this area provide a few different options for washing and drying laundry, including a washer/dryer included in the unit, washer/dryer hookups only and on-site laundry facilities for resident use. If you already own a washer and dryer, a designated space for these appliances with hook-ups provided is the best choice for you. For residents who want the convenience doing laundry inside the unit without having to purchase anything additional, choose a USF apartment that already includes these appliances. Otherwise, you may choose to use on-site laundry facilities or find a facility nearby that suits your laundry needs.

I need some tips for staying on top of my laundry. How do I keep things simple and efficient?

For some residents, the growing pile of laundry is a dreaded chore that gets put off until there is nothing left to wear! If you allow the pile to grow, it takes more effort and time to wash and dry several big loads, including the folding and hanging that comes all at once later. To avoid this problem, create a schedule for yourself that is tailored to your clothing habits by keeping track of how much laundry piles up during the week. You'll be able to pick the best day(s) for laundry based on load size and avoid washing too many small loads or very large loads that may not get fully clean or dry quickly. This practice is good for the environment because it conserves water and energy. Residents who love this idea can also find green apartments near USF.

Some student renters have trouble staying organized with laundry, especially choosing which items can be washed together, what can be placed in the dryer and what settings are required for certain items. Although you should pay extra attention to special items, like office or evening wear, you can create basic piles of darks, lights and delicates that will make it easier to do laundry quickly and efficiently. This can be organized with separate laundry bags or one laundry bag with multiple slots. For specific tips on how to deal with zippers, pockets, lingerie and other items, read through this helpful Martha Stewart article.

How do I do my laundry when living with roommates?

While your approach will depend on your roommate's habits and personality, a good first step is to discuss the issue so that any concerns and/or preferences are out in the open right away. For example, your roommate may have a much larger wardrobe than you and require frequent use of the washer and dryer. To avoid running into problems when trying to do your own laundry, choose a day or two of the week that is open just for you, or vice versa. If you develop good communication from the start, you may have more flexibility and no need for a strict laundry schedule. Additionally, make sure to discuss what to do with items left in the washer or dryer for long periods of time. Look for apartments near USF that offer roommate matching, so you can be matched with a roommate who has similar cleanliness standards and you will be set up for success from day one.

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