Which is the least expensive place to live near USF?

USF apartments are located in the heart of Tampa. Just near campus are some of the city's most popular attractions such as theme parks, malls and restaurants. The student community surrounding the University region is made up of several different neighborhoods, all in which offer unique benefits to each resident.

USF apartments vary in price depending on several factors, the main one being location. There are hundreds of properties to choose from within the handful of surrounding neighborhoods. Many of these areas are very accommodating to the student budget.

The most convenient spot for students to live while attending the academic institution is the Fowler/Fletcher area. These are the two main roads bordering the campus. This allows many students who live in these nearby communities to be within walking distance to class. The majority of units on either Fletcher or Fowler are considered “student housing” properties. These types of dwellings will more than likely be the least expensive places to rent. Here, you have the option to rent just a bedroom and share a living room space, kitchen and laundry room with a roommate. Many find this option to be quite viable when looking for the best deal for the least amount of money. Additionally, many of these housing regions around campus are brand new, updated, and offer plenty of amenities. Living close to class also allows you to save gas money.

New Tampa may be the more popular neighborhood to live in for students. Although this district is further away, many find the luxury and quiet atmosphere to compliment their studies. New Tampa is surrounded with entertainment in the form of movie theaters, malls, restaurants and bars. New Tampa, however, is much more expensive than those properties closer to campus. You may be able to find more affordable units just outside of New Tampa located on the corner of Bruce B Downs and Bearss Avenue. Those communities will be closer to Tampa but may not be a new as the housing options further in town.

North Tampa is the furthest away from the University of South Florida. These buildings are older but well maintained and suited for families as well as students. Rent in this location is very affordable. Similar to New Tampa, North Tampa has plenty of things to do with walking distance of your home. Is it a short drive to Raymond James Stadium, the airport, and several malls. One thing to take into consideration is that some of these homes can be near a twenty to twenty-five minute drive to school. What you are saving on rent may be expended on gas. USF apartments in this district, however, are very private, quiet and spacious.

Overall, there are several neighborhoods to consider when searching for the least expensive USF apartments. Those units closer to campus, as most would assume, tend to be the least expensive. New Tampa may be the priciest of the three regions, however, the dwellings are very new and luxurious. North Tampa is older but is located in a well-known neighborhood. Rent is very affordable but the drive to class may be inconvenient.

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