Where are the best places to shop near USF?

Do you love to shop? Many USF apartments are surrounded by several different shopping plazas that accommodate to nearly all types of shoppers. The University of South Florida region is located in the center of the Bay area, making the Bulls County neighborhood susceptible to all types of convenience and entertainment just around the corner.

The campus of USF itself is walking distance to the University Square Mall. This mall, much older than the surrounding shopping districts in Hillsborough County is filled with college-friendly stores such as Foot Locker and Old Navy. Although store choices may be limited at this mall, University Square does offer the main department stores such as Sears and Dillard's as well as a movie theatre. This Mall is especially convenient for those living in USF apartments close to campus.

North of USF apartments is Wiregrass Mall. Wiregrass Mall, located just outside New Tampa, is a newer outdoor mall. Duped as a favorite local happy hour destination and a shopping district, this outdoor plaza is filled with a variety of stores such as Forever 21, Pottery Barn, Buckle, Pac Sun and more. Apartments near USF are nearly ten minutes from this mall and may be a bit pricier than those homes located closer to the campus.

Across town, in North Tampa is the Citrus Park Plaza. Citrus Park Plaza is deemed the "neighborhood" mall and is packed with family-friendly seating areas, restaurants and a food court. Like the University Mall, Citrus Park Plaza has a movie theater, college-friendly stores, as well as high-end boutiques and department stores. Citrus Park is close to a twenty minute drive from the campus grounds, however, properties in this area are very affordable, well maintained and can be quite spacious and comforting.

The largest mall in the city of Tampa is International Plaza. This mall is catered to more high-end stores, although does provide its shoppers with favorite chain stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Sephora and Nordstrom. International Plaza is just minutes from downtown, South Tampa, Westshore, the airport and beaches. It is known to be the business district happy hour spot, become increasingly packed on weekday evenings, especially Fridays.

Just across the street from Internation is the WestShore Mall. Westshore, equipped with a movie theater and lots of parking, is much older than international and offers many of the same stores. However, Westshore does contain a Saks Fifth Avenue and favorite restaurants such as P.F Chang's.

Within 30 miles from the University of South Florida are four different malls that are suitable for all types of shoppers. From high-end stores to favorite chains, the USF community is a great location for those who love to shop.

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