I want to purchase a smaller fridge for my room. What are some maintenance tips to keep my USF apartment mini fridge consistently working well?

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Park Place
Park Place has spacious 3-bedroom apartments, perfect for anyone with roommates looking to share a mini fridge in apartments near USF!

Sharing one large fridge between multiple roommates in a 3-bedroom apartment near USF or a 4-bedroom apartment near USF leaves little room for snacks and other small items that require refrigeration. If you tend to store many perishable items in your USF apartment fridge, getting a mini fridge to put in your room could be inexpensive and worthwhile. New mini-fridges range anywhere from $100-300 depending on the brand, size, and whether it has a freezer compartment or not, making them more affordable and easier to fit in an average-sized room. 

I can imagine any student attending the University of South Florida would benefit greatly from having access to quick food because students tend to be hardworking, on the go, and exercise more often than the average individual does. Also, living in a cheap apartment with a smaller fridge might make it worth having more space for protein shakes and healthy snacks if you work out. 

The convenience of having snacks and drinks nearby will always be appealing. Whether you have low blood sugar and need access to food often for health reasons or you simply just want to have food close by to avoid interrupting a deep study session, a mini fridge is a way to go!

Clean Your Mini fridge in Apartments Near USF Often

Like a new car, if you don't clean your mini fridge often, it won't run as well as it normally does. The coils that cool the mini fridge and help it run to the best of its ability are what benefit most from a cleaning every few months. Dust, dirt, and other debris collected over time at apartments near USF can clog the coils and make it harder for the fridge to run efficiently. Simply dusting off the coils can keep the mini fridge in mint condition and save you the money it takes to replace it with a new one. 

Only Put Drinks and Snacks From Your Main USF Apartment Fridge in the Mini fridge 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting poultry and other big perishable items in a mini fridge. The reason why is that mini fridges aren't meant to store meat, they are only meant to cool off drinks and chill smaller snack items. For example, if you buy a pack of large chicken breast and keep it in your USF apartment mini fridge, there's a high chance it won't be cooled to the minimum temperature it needs to stay fresh and it can go bad very quickly.  

Avoid Changing the Settings on Your Mini fridge in Apartments Near USF 

Another thing that can go wrong with your mini fridge is not setting it to the recommended coldness level printed on the instruction manual that comes with it. The reason it is recommended is that the mini fridge has been tested and proven to function optimally at that specific level of coolness. If you stray from that setting it can make the utility bill of your USF apartment go up or make it so the food in your mini fridge goes bad quicker. 

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