I’m a huge movie buff. What are some tips on hosting a movie night in USF apartments?

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Comfy living rooms at USF apartments, like Campus Lodge, offer the best locations for movie night. Click on the image to learn more!

Movie nights are the best! Hosting a relaxing movie night at the end of the week in University of South Florida apartments is a great way to unwind from school, work or both! The best part is, you don't need a lot of planning to have a super memorable movie night with your family and friends. Movie nights with your newly matched roommates are also a great way to get to know each other. Grab some popcorn, your favorite trilogy and plop down on the couch for an awesome evening! It's even better if you're using a streaming app to watch your movie and your internet is included in your rent.

After a long day, week or even month, unwinding with a good flick can be a must-have get-together in apartments near USF. Invite as many people as you want, or roll solo; it's really up to you! Regardless of the amount of eyes watching your flat screen, you'll want to make your living or bedroom as comfortable as possible. If you have a large living room, you may want to consider grabbing some extra pillows or blankest to have on hand. The comfort level of you and your guests during movie night is of utmost importance. You cannot fully enjoy the movie if you are not comfortable. You may even consider reverting back to childhood and asking all of your guests to bring along their sleeping bags. Make a pillow fort on the floor with the couch cushions! Maybe your patio or balcony is huge and has a great location for you to relocate your TV for the night. Do whatever it takes to get that homey, comfy vibe going.

USF apartments with big televisions are the best for hosting movie night. I don't think you would want 10 people crowding around a 19 inch TV screen, now would you? Maybe you are in luck and you already have the latest and greatest flat screen. If not, you can also look into using a projector and featuring your film on a blank wall in your apartment. If you don't already own one or know someone you can borrow one from, you can look into renting them.

Apartments near USF make awesome locales for movie nights, but we must also remember what MAKES these movie nights so special…the snacks! Movie night is an excuse to be a little unhealthy and grab your favorite salty favorites and sweet treats. Have all of your friends bring over their most memorable candy from childhood. However, you can still opt to be healthy by providing fresh fruit, raw vegetables and snacks like pita chips and hummus. You'll have to know your crowd before finalizing your snack-shopping list. Make sure your refrigerator can handle all of the goodies!

A great way to make your movie night at USF apartments memorable for you and all of your guests is to make a theme night out of it. Maybe you decide to binge watch the entire Harry Potter series in one night (I'm not even sure that can be done, but I have faith in you!) Have your guests dress as their favorite character from Hogwarts and possibly even throw a costume contest! One of the most tried and true methods is to just have everyone wear their most comfortable pair of pajamas. Fuzzy bunny slippers included. 

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