I have friends coming over and we wanted to watch movies. How can I create a make-shift movie theatre in my USF apartment?

Watching movies is one of the easiest ways to pass time and hang out with friends. If you are a student attending the University of South Florida, they offer showings of new movies by projecting them upon the wall of the Oval Theater or Bookstore on campus. For dates and times of the film being shown, they provide an updated list on the USF student affairs website.

The only setback of having these "movies on the lawn" is that the locations are always changing due to weather concerns. Outside movies are nice only when the weather is nice too. If you don't want to take a chance with the weather, hosting a movie-watching hang-out at your apartment near USF can prove to be a more reliable venue for watching movies.

Set the Scene in Apartments Near USF

To watch movies correctly, there needs to be a space that is conducive enough for it first. If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment near USF, finding this space might be more difficult especially if your other USF apartments aren't involved in the event you are trying to host. I suggest planning the movie-watching ahead of time, so your other roommates don't feel that you are hogging the TV.

The best places to watch movies with guests are your bedroom or the main living room. Once you pick the room you need to make sure the correct things are in the room. Most living rooms have couches and chairs. If your apartment near USF doesn't have ample seating, you might need to purchase some. Another way to ensure ample seating is to get a furnished apartment.

Also, another thing you might want to think about is purchasing blackout curtains. This will be great for blocking out unwanted light and creating a more genuine movie theater experience.

Gather the Correct Technical Supplies in USF Apartments

You might already have a TV in your apartment, but other technological enhancements can make the space feel even more authentic to the traditional movie theater experience you normally pay for. To start, getting an apartment with the internet included can help with streaming new movies. If you don't have a TV, a computer and a projector can help.

Getting a projector and projector screen can allow the screen to feel as large as the ones you see in the movie theater but on a more space-appropriate scale. A cheap hack for this is using a white sheet instead of buying an expensive projector screen. In this way, you can still watch movies on a big screen while saving money because of the sheet's dual purpose.

Purchase Some Movie-Watching Snacks

One of the best parts of the movie theater experience is the consumption of candies and popcorn during the movie. Of course, in the movie theater, prices for candies and snacks can get very expensive. Going to the discount or dollar store near your USF apartment can allow you to stock up on all kinds of yummy snacks without breaking the bank.

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