Craft beer is my thing. Are there any local breweries near USF apartments?

You're going to tell me that you're a craft beer fan and you will be living in apartments near USF? Did you know that the Tampa area is home to some of the BEST breweries in the state, let alone the country? That's my opinion anyway! You, my beer-loving friend, are in luck because the area surrounding the University of South Florida is home to some of the most amazing breweries you can find.

One of the most popular breweries in the Tampa area is Cigar City Brewing. Boasting multiple award-winning concoctions, Cigar City is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Good thing it is right down the road from apartments near USF! Their wide variety of beers, ranging from the ever-so-popular Jai Alai IPA to the special releases such as Strawberry Shortcake, will keep any beer enthusiasts occupied for hours on end. This brewery continues to grow and many of their brews can be found on the shelves in local grocery stores.

Coppertail Brewing Company, located in historic Ybor City, is a very close drive from University of South Florida apartments. Its name is actually derived from a sea monster that lives in Tampa Bay, according to legend. These beers are touted as flavorful for the lifestyle, and range anywhere from the citrusy Free Dive IPA to Captain Jack's Stone Crab Stout. The taproom itself is a beautiful, rustic space which allows families and even your furry friend.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company is another local brewery staple located within close proximity to apartment near USF. Not only do they serve awesome, locally brewed beer…they have a full restaurant as well! Most of the fare features items cooked in their own brews, so it's a delicious harmony of flavors. From the Reef Donkey APA to the Full Moon Madness Subtropical Porter, there is sure to be a beer for everyone.

Heading across the Howard Frankland Bridge to beautiful St. Pete for the craft beer scene is worth the drive for residents living in USF apartments. With local favorites like 3 Daughters Brewing, you'll be happy that you decided to take the trip! 3 Daughters is the largest craft brewery in St. Pete and features plenty of fun activities along with their beer selection. Green Bench Brewery is another St. Pete favorite, featuring awesome brews and a beer garden. Located a little further north is Seminole Heights, with great local brewery selections such as Brew Bus and Angry Chair. If you're planning a fun road trip, visiting Big Top Brewery in Sarasota or Two Henry's Brewery may be worth a shot. Just make sure you drink responsibly and always have a designated driver along for the ride. Good thing is, most of these breweries offer so many other types of activities, even the non-drinkers will have a good time!

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