Are there neighborhoods near campus to live in?

Most USF apartments surrounding the campus region are nicely nestled in neighborhood settings. The University of South Florida is located in the center of Tampa, expanding the scope of the city to be much larger than your average college town. When looking for USF apartments, it may be helpful to narrow down your search to just a few neighborhoods in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Tampa is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida, limiting your location will definitely help to narrow your choices when looking for the best perfect new home.

If you are attending the local state university, it is definitely advantageous for you to live closest to campus in the event that you will be attending classes almost daily. This can be helpful for several reasons; first, the neighborhoods just near campus tend to be student centered.

The closest student neighborhoods near USF apartments are located in New Tampa and Town N Country. Although some of these USF apartments are not located inside a specific neighborhood, these units stretch across the borders.

USF neighborhoods located in Fletcher and Fowler Avenues are closest to the Town N Country neighborhood. These properties are popular among students attending the school. These buildings are just off of the main road located across the street from the academic institution. Many fraternities and sororities end up taking residence in this area. These communities are quite accommodating to students, often offering twenty-four hour fitness and business centers, plenty of parking, and space. Additionally, these properties are located just off of Interstate 75, allowing easy access to the beach, casino, and downtown areas. These units are also very affordable and offer selective roommate services as well as one-bedroom units.

Another neighborhood near campus is New Tampa. New Tampa tends to be where the upper classman gravitate towards. New Tampa is just as much as a college area as a family friendly location as well. USF apartments in this neighborhood tend to be more private and pricey. These properties are less student oriented and more about luxury living. There are plenty of coffee shops, malls, and restaurants surrounding the area. Like the Town N Country neighborhood, New Tampa is located on the corner of Interstate access.

If you are battling over which location may suit your needs, you may want to factor in distance to school. USF apartments in Town N County will be much more closer to class, where as New Tampa may be a fifteen-minute drive depending on traffic. If you plan to take public transportation or walk to class, staying near the Fletcher or Fowler areas will be much more accommodating. Properties in those areas are near city bus stops and the USF Bull Runner. There also tends to be more traffic in the New Tampa neighborhood during rush hour times. If you intend to get to school during these hours, you may want to plan ahead.

Both neighborhoods really are very well suited for students. Personal preference really is the distinguished factor in allowing you to decide which area is best.

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