Which neighborhood is better? North Tampa or New Tampa?

Unlike most college campuses, the University of South Florida is not nestled in your typical “college town.” In fact, the Bull's home is adversely one of the largest cities in the state! This gives USF students plenty of options to consider when searching for apartments near USF. However pleasing that may be, the limitless options of living spaces may be deemed a living nightmare to some.

Determining your Tampa location may not be as critical as one may seem. Although each area is quite a distance from one another, each community has similarities to one another. Most neighborhoods can offer plenty of variance to suit a wide range of needs.

The Carol Wood/North Tampa area is just a ten to fifteen minute commute to campus. Although an attainable distance away, this neighborhood allows you to escape the grounds of college and enjoy a blend of charmed residential bliss and entertainment. This well -established and older community is located on a main road, Dale Mabry and is enriched with strips of restaurants, bars, salons, and grocery stores. Within each category of entertainment and convenience, North Tampa offers its residents unaccountable options. In grocery stores alone you have Publix, Whole Foods, Sweet Bay and more. You won't have to worry about taking long trips to run your errands. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, there are several Starbucks and coffee shops to stop in. USF apartments in this area may be a bit older but more affordable. If you are taking morning classes, be aware of traffic patters. As a result of being located on a major roadway, this area has fallen victim to heavy injections of interstate commerce.

New Tampa is an up and coming neighborhood within the Tampa area. This area is much closer to USF, establishing popularity for student residents. Like the North Tampa region, New Tampa is surrounded by local convenience such as a Movie Theatre, shops, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants and more. You can also expect a good amount of traffic in this area. New Tampa is experiencing much growth and reconstruction, making roadways sometimes unbearable throughout the day. The difference between the two districts, is that many USF apartments in this area are much newer and more student focused. Although rent may be more expensive, communities in this area offer student socials, roommate selection, and twenty-four hour business centers. Some of these properties are located on the Bull Runner bus route that allows you to snag a free ride to and from class. There may also be many more communities for you to choose from.

In all, both communities are well suited for families and college students seeking to live in an environment close to campus, filled with convenience and entertainment. The biggest difference in the two areas, is seen in pricing and student centered areas. New Tampa is much closer to campus, nearly a five to ten minute drive, and may offer a more collegiate atmosphere. However, North Tampa is closer to downtown, the beaches, and offers more affordable living.

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