What if I get a pet after I sign my lease?

Did you just recently adopt a new pet? The spontaineighty of bringing a pet into your life is all too common these days. Although you may validate your home as a loving and stable environment for your new friend, your lease bylaws may be a contradiction.

When searching for apartments, you will find that most USF apartments offer the option of allowing pets into your home with the exchange of a pet deposit or additional security fee. Although this method does seem hassle-free, it may not always be so simple to pay the pet deposit after you have already moved in and signed your pet-free contract.

Well, by now I am sure that you have already fallen in love with your new furry friend, now what? Well, check your apartment community regulations regarding pets. Some USF apartments and Hillsborough County properties impose strict restrictions on which types of pets and breeds you can bring on their premises. More often than not, most breeds are allowed in your home. However, some nuisance animals such as larger breed of dogs and specific types of birds and exotic pets may be banned. This can definitely put a damper on your apartment search when it comes to pet friendly homes.

If you do not know how to go about this, try calling your leasing manager, staff, or search online for their pet restrictions. If you have found that your pet is generally allowed inside your apartment, your next step is to come clean. The worst thing you can do is have a maintenance staff member or neighbor report you to your management team. Although most leasing managers will prefer to work with you as opposed to evicting you, know that bringing an animal inside your dwelling without permission is a result of a breach of contract. In some cases, USF apartments associations will have the authority to terminate your lease agreement.

As soon as you decide to keep your pet, call your leasing staff! Let them know that you have decided to adopt a new pet and encourage them to allow you to modify your lease agreement by paying the additional pet deposit. Generally, apartments near USF are used to this kind modification and will allow you to pay the fee without worry. However, in the event that your pet is banned from the property, you may have to forfeit your lease agreement, paying a large fee.

Overall, adding a pet fee medication on your lease agreement is generally an easy obstacle to overcome, especially when it comes to working with apartments near USF. However, in the event that your animal is a banned breed in the area, know that you may have to remove your pet or consider terminating your lease. Remember, it is always better to notify the community of your new house guest. Although you may want to risk notifying the staff in efforts to say a few hundred bucks, if an authority figure finds out, it can be ground of eviction. Again, many residents living near the University of South Florida, often come by this dilemma. Do not worry, you will more than likely have the option to pay the deposit!

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