Any tips for incorporating plants in my USF apartment?

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If you are a student living near the University of South Florida, you understand the weather is normally beautiful and sunny; perfect for plants to thrive and grow in. You might not be a horticulturist yourself, but it doesn't take an expert to raise plants in apartments near USF. With all college living situations, it never hurts to bring in some life and character to your space.

Plants can take some work but, nothing beats the addition of live plants, not even low-maintenance, artificial plants you stick in the corner of a room. The experience of raising live plants will not only teach you patience and responsibility, but it will also teach you that with effort and a little tender loving care you can make something beautiful out of some water, soil, and some seeds.

Decide What Kind of Plants You Want in USF Apartments

Choosing your desired plants is the first step in the process of introducing them into your space. There is a wide range of plants to choose from such as orchids, flowers, ferns and so much more. Research the maintenance and care it takes to grow the plants you desire. If you are never home and still want your plants to thrive, maybe opt for succulents and other cacti that require very little water and external care from their owner.

I mentioned earlier that fake plants don't offer the same experiences as real plants because they are just decorations, not growing lifeforms that require care and attention. Depending on your living situation, it might be more convenient to have fake plants as an alternative. Deciding what works best for you and the people living with you, if you already live in at least a two-bedroom apartment, is the key to thriving with plants.

Pick the Right Place to Put Plants in Apartments Near USF

Now that you have your plants or have decided to get some, the next step is to decide where's the best place to stage them. Of course, most plants require adequate sunlight and water, so opting for places with direct sunlight and a watering jug close by is the best call. Some USF apartments have patios and balconies, one of the best options for plant parents because you have the option of raising outside-only plants as well.

Another thing to think about is if you aren't the only one living in your apartment near USF. You might have signed a lease for a pet-friendly apartment and that means that not only your roommates, but your pets have to be considered. Some people have allergies to certain flowers and plants. Dog, cats, and other animals might be in danger if they ingest certain plant materials. To avoid future conflict, double-check to make sure everyone is compatible with the plants you bring into the shared space.

Gather All the Necessary Potting Materials in Your USF Apartment

To keep your plants alive, keep a steady supply of soil, water, and airflow coming from the space you live in. Sticking the plant by the window, refilling your water canister with fresh, clean water every day, and keeping the window cracked so the plant can get a healthy oxygen supply are just some of the ways to do this successfully. Investing in a large bag of soil, jugs of spring water, and maybe even a little plant food can help keep your plants growing the way they should.

Monitor the Plants Progress in Apartments Near USF

One of the most rewarding aspects of the plant-growing process is to watch your plants sprout and grow. If you decide to plant flowers in your USF apartment, buds forming, and blooming are such great things to be responsible for and witness with your own eyes. After all, it will be you alone who made this happen.

Plant-growing isn't for everyone, but it can be made possible with minimum effort and care. Besides all the great things you will learn about plants, you can love to enjoy the process and soon build a mini plant sanctuary that anyone would be proud of.

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