What are some tips on recycling in USF apartments?

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Check out USF apartments, like Campus Palms, and start recycling in your new home today!

While it would be great if all apartments near USF offered some sort of recycling program, the reality is, many do not. If you're all about going green, however, do not let this stop you from making a lasting impact on the health of our planet! While you may be a trailblazer at your own apartment community, you could set some initiatives in motion that could potentially benefit the Earth for years to come.

If your USF apartments offer a recycling program, you're one step ahead of the game! If they do not, then it is fairly easy to get started by yourself. The biggest thing to remember is to start small. Just focus on a few materials in the beginning so you don't get overwhelmed. Focus on the materials that you know you can find a local recycling drop-off for. Easy-to-recycle materials will make the biggest impact in the long run. These can include water bottles, cardboard, milk jugs, aluminum cans, office paper, newspaper and glass.  If you are able to find a recycling location in Tampa, chances are all of these items will be accepted. While it may take a little extra time to collect everything and bring them to the drop-off point, it will be well worth it knowing you're doing it for the environment.

Step number two when starting to recycle at student apartments near USF is to locate your closest drop-off destinations. Find a few of them in your town, just in case one offers services that the other doesn't. You may want to ask your apartment community as well. They may know of a drop-off location that is within close proximity of your apartment, so you don't have to travel very far with your recyclables. Doing a simple search on your city's website will also help you find the nearest recycling center.

Picking out a spot for your in-home recycle bin in USF apartments may seem like a mindless task, but it can be tough to find space sometimes, especially in a smaller, cramped apartment. Keeping it separate, but within close proximity, of your regular trashcan is key.  You also won't be able to empty your recycle bin as much as your trash can, because you won't be making daily trips to the recycling center. Keep this in mind when you're finding space for it. You probably don't want a mountain of empty soda cans piled up within view of all of your guests in the living room. Maybe sticking the bin in a laundry room or pantry will give you the right amount of accessibility and discretion. A patio or balcony may work even better.

Getting your neighbors on board at your apartments near USF is huge! Letting the other residents in your community know about the recycling options in your area will only help further your cause. Who knows, you may even get most of the community on your side and then you can ask your apartment office to think about offering a recycling program! 

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