I’m moving to USF, where I’ll be on my own for the first time. What are some amenities to look for that will make me feel safe?

Going off to college and living on your own in USF student housing can be a little nerve racking. Adulting seems like fun until you actually have to do it. Luckily, there are several apartments near the University of South Florida that will help you feel safe and right at home during your transition into college life. The only thing you are going to have to worry about is what grade you are going to get on your mid-term paper!

Alarm Systems

When searching for apartments most people look for the big amenities: a pool, a fitness center and a dishwasher. Having an apartment with an alarm system should be at the top of your list if safety is a priority for you. The biggest advantage of having this in your USF apartment is peace of mind, especially if you have valuables in your apartment. Having an alarm will help to deter potential intruders. Some alarm systems even have a "chime" option. This will notify you when someone comes into the apartment and when a door or window is opened. You can sleep soundly in your apartment knowing your alarm system is helping keep you safe.

Gated Apartments

Living in a gated community near the University of South Florida is another way to feel safe in your apartment. There are even options on what type of access you can have! With some gates you just simply type in a code and access is granted, while some give you access through a gate card. You will even have the option to buy a gate card for friends or family that frequently visit. There are even options on what type of gate there is! Some gates have an arm that rises up and down to let cars through, and some gates slide open to let cars pass. You will also find that communities with parking garages are limited access with gates. Who knew there were so many options in picking a gated apartment community? A big plus to living in a gated community near USF, besides the obvious feeling of safety, is you won't ever get any unwanted visitors or unexpected guests! No one likes unwanted company, especially when you are trying to study or prepare for an exam.

Pet Friendly

Choosing a pet friendly apartment near USF means you can have your four-legged best friend there to comfort and guard you. These apartments are perfect if you are bringing a dog with you or if you plan to get one in the future. Just by having a dog in the apartment it will often deter someone from breaking in, much like an alarm system. Dogs sense of smell is at least 10,000 times stronger, which means if there is smoke or a fire they will be able to smell it before you do. Not only can dogs serve as great protectors, but they can also provide companionship and morning cuddles! I don't think your average alarm system can do that!

There are many ways to make you feel safe and sound in your USF apartment. Whether it be having an alarm system, a gate, a furry friend or some combination of the three, you will be able to sleep well at night. If you are still looking for some more ideas to help deter an unwanted intrusion, check out these tips for deterring burglars.
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