Should I be concerned with the social entertainment near USF?

Are you searching for USF apartments near plenty of entertainment? As you begin searching around town you will quickly realize that there is plenty to do near USF apartments. From theme parks to outdoor adventures and shopping expenditures, enriching entertainment surrounds many apartments near USF.

The University of South Florida is located in center of Tampa Bay. Residents living near campus enjoy being an arm's reach away from entertainment. Just across the street from the academic institution are two of Tampa's infamous theme parks, Adventure Island and Busch Gardens. Both parks offer adventure-seeking fun within Florida's best weather. Although Adventure Island is more suitable for those who prefer water park fun, Busch Garden is accommodating for those who enjoy roller coasters, site seeing, animal watching, a botanical garden lovers. Additionally, Busch Gardens also hosts a hospitality house where visitors can enjoy a selection of craft beer while roaming the park.

Another perk to living near the local college is the convenient access to plentiful shopping center nearby. Just a fifteen-minute drive from USF is Wiregrass Mall. This outdoor facility has become a popular happy hour destination in addition to its wide variety of stores. From Sephora to Forever 21, Dillard's and Express, there is a store for nearly everyone.  If you are searching for an indoor shopping experience, there are four to chose from. International Plaza may be the most high-end mall in town, however, may also be one of the furthest from campus.  Citrus Park Mall is located on the other side of Tampa, but should only take a student twenty-five minutes to arrive to the destination. Westshore and the University Mall are also two more local shopping centers.

If you are hoping to live in USF apartments near recreational fun, there are plenty of places to visit. Just behind the university is Lettuce Lake Park. This recreational hot spot is perfect for those who love taking in scenic views while hiking, biking or just picnicking outside. USF also has plenty of nature trails throughout campus that are open to all.

Although the beach may not be in your backyard, it is a short distance from campus. Clearwater beach is a mere thirty to forty minute commute depending on which part of the beach you prefer to visit. Throughout the summer season and well into fall there are plenty of beach gatherings and drink specials. If you prefer a more laid back experience, there are plenty of shorelines to take advantage of following the causeway up to Clearwater beach.

Golf is another Tampa favorite past time. As you move into the bay area you will find plenty of golf courses and country clubs, including one directly on campus grounds.

Overall, there is plenty to do near the University of South Florida living areas to keep you from being concerned about the town's entertainment or lack thereof. From beaches to theme parks, there is plenty to do.

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