I am looking to switch up my regular fitness routine. What are some of the best specialty gyms near USF apartments?

Sometimes going to regular gyms near the University of South Florida can be hectic and become boring after visiting them for a while. Even USF apartments with fitness centers can fill up very fast, making it challenging to establish a fixed workout schedule. If you are looking for less crowded places, guaranteed fitness classes, and are willing to try something new to stay active, looking for specialty gyms close to your USF apartment might be a great change.

There are plenty of specialty places to look for effective and fast-paced exercises and in this article, I will be specifically looking at places close to apartments near USF that offer CrossFit, Hot Yoga, Pilates, and Kickboxing for students of various experience levels and budgets.

Most specialty gyms will be more expensive because they offer something that no regular gym typically has. Keep in mind that you can save up money for a membership to any gym if you get a cheap USF apartment ahead of time or workout at the gym included in fees for student housing in Tampa.

Look For CrossFit Training in the Area

If you aren't familiar with CrossFit, it is a type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that combines both strength and conditioning exercises to keep your heart rate up and keep your body moving in intervals at a time. CrossFit comes in handy because it allows the individual to strengthen muscles used daily by mimicking simple movements in repetitions while using weights and other fitness equipment to strengthen their muscles.

Two of the most competitively priced and well-rated CrossFit gyms in the area are CrossFit Big Guava and CrossFit Gaspar. Both offer free trails and well-priced membership if you are seriously interested in starting your CrossFit journey!

Sign Up for Hot Yoga Classes Near USF Apartments

Everyone normally has some knowledge about what Yoga is but Hot Yoga is slightly different. The reason it is called "hot," is because the room in which exercises and yoga poses are performed is set to a hot temperature, where the humidity and heat of the room can make participants sweat more. The benefits of sweating more include getting a more effective and intense workout in and forcing your organs to pump more blood and for your heart to beat faster. This helps circulation, and heart health, and reduces anxiety!

Two great places to look for Hot Yoga classes near USF apartments are Gaze Hot Yoga and YogaSix New Tampa. Both places offer multiple classes and fair pricing that varies depending on which services you decide on.

Try Pilates to Stay in Shape

If you are curious about Pilates, it is a practice that utilizes muscles in the body that can benefit from flexibility exercises, strengthening, and for injury recovery. Repeated movements and exercises on a mat or using machines help people get in shape and be able to isolate muscle groups for everyday use and improvement.

Two fantastic places to look for beginner to advanced Pilates workouts at a favorable price are Club Pilates South Tampa and Embrace Pilates.

Explore Kickboxing Options Near USF Apartments

Kickboxing is a little different from traditional boxing in that it allows you to both kick and punch an exercise bag or other opponent compared to only punches being allowed. Most places that offer kickboxing utilize boxing bags instead of other opponents unless you are a professional trainer for an upcoming match.

Whether you have had experience with kickboxing or are a beginner, both Title Boxing Carrollwood and Tampa Family Fitness offer classes for any starting fitness level. Kickboxing offers plenty of opportunities for an individual to keep themselves healthy, and even provide them with skills for self-defense.

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