How can I find the affordable housing near campus?

How can I find the affordable housing near campus?

I am sure right now you may be lamenting on how tough it will be to sit through unaccountable hours of grueling research, Googling different synonymous terms to compare side- by-side prices of each property you find to be a suitable living space. Although you may tout yourself with prime organizational skills, no one really prefers to track the luxury or price per square footage for all USF apartments. Skip through the Excel and word document data steps, and give yourself a click through ease instead.

When beginning your search for affordable USF apartments, avoid the crazy tailspin chase. ‘Affordable' is an ambiguous term for everyone. The word is more so based on interpretation of what is best for you decided upon several factors such as location, square footage, amenities and more. Your currency here will be preference and experience when it comes to discovering your perfect home.

Should I set a standard of preference before I set a price?

Arguably, yes. Envisioning a standard curated collection of what you prefer your base line home to include can actually help you avoid anchoring a decisive faucet. Although your main concern is hoping to remain in the co-paralleled lines of a strict budget, many times budget takes a sacrifice to preference. So, by first gaining an understanding of what you want your unit to include can play a vital role in limiting your search. After all, most of us will admit that we would probably pay the extra five dollars a month for fully functioning air condition, right?

Setting a preference doesn't always have to be difficult. However, know what you want. How far from campus do you want to be? Do you want to be able to bring your pet? Maybe you want free access to a gym or all-inclusive utilities. Whatever you claim your ‘wants' to be, keep a basic outline of it prior to searching for properties within your budget. Once you understand what you are not willing to go without, start your search for affordable apartments near USF.

Ohbb, the budget, your best-worst enemy. Remaining in budget can somewhat be a tactful decision. Well, remaining in budget without making huge sacrifices to your preferences may even yield strategic alliance. However, the USF and Tampa area actually have a plentiful inventory of affordable housing for its students. For starters, there are shared housing where you can rent just a room for less than $400 a month! There are also luxury apartments catered to students. Meaning, budgets are more accommodating and amenities are bountiful.

Most locations near campus are relatively decent. Nowhere around campus will you discover communities with broken windows or missing doors. Most, if not all, units are move-in ready and fairly acceptable. There are actually handfuls of newer units that have sprung up in just the last few years. All of these, are well within the confines of a student budget.

So, once you know what price range you want to stick to and what preferences you know you want included, you have already narrowed down your search by half.

This is a great place to start your search for affordable housing. You no longer have to waste ample time finding places within your budget yet are 100 miles away.

In order to make your search even more efficient, you can use our apartment locator to help you discover fantastic affordable apartments near USF.

To do this, just visit our search page and click “search.” This will bring you to our custom-built search tool. You can select your own preferences in the tool bars and even create a specific budget you would like your rent to fall in between using our number line. Once you have selected your criteria, a list of communities will populate the page that fit in to all of your specified necessities! You can then click on each icon to learn more about each property.

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