Does USF have student housing near the water?

The University of South Florida area has plenty of student housing areas to accommodate to your every need. These areas range to on and off campus housing, luxury or furnished apartments, and even more affordable communities near the city of Tampa as well! If you are looking for your USF apartment to have a view of a lake or river, you have selected the perfect area to live in! Many communities near the USF student friendly area are built around scenic bodies of waters that can include ponds, man made lakes, or the Hillsborough River. Upon looking for your new place, ask the property management company if they have a unit available that over looks the water. In most cases, they will. However, if you are looking for your body to include the Gulf of Mexico, you may not find USF living in this area. Although, you may be able to find a comparable price range near the water from that of USF living, these communities will not be specifically designed to cater to its University students.

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