What are your best ideas for study spots near my USF apartment?

There are many places to study near USF apartments! Whether you are looking for a library atmosphere, coffee shop atmosphere, or a simple study room, there are tons of places to study and complete your work. Students must consider study locations when searching for apartments near USF. Raise those grades and study hard at the following places to study near student apartments in Tampa.

Study Rooms

First and foremost, there are several apartments near USF that offer on-site study rooms. These can be great places to meet up with a friend and have a study date. You can also work alone and utilize the whiteboards that many feature. Even a group project could be completed in an on-site study room. These areas are versatile and meant for the residents to utilize. I often use the study spaces at my apartment. Despite this wonderful amenity being open to all, I rarely see anyone else utilizing it. Get your money's worth out of your USF apartment and use the study rooms.


Coffee Shops are my personal favorite places to study. There you can sit down, grab a drink, and get to work! Felicitous is a coffee shop local to Tampa and has two locations. Here you can take a seat and use the free WIFI that they provide! If coffee isn't your cup of tea, another great cafe is Quickly Boba Cafe. Here they offer, boba drinks, food items, and a great atmosphere for studying. Those who prefer to study or work with background noise will appreciate the atmosphere of a cafe for completing their assignments.

On-Campus Libraries

There are two main libraries located at USF's Tampa campus. The first is Tampa Campus Research Library. This library is great for doing research, getting help at the writing center, and of course studying. Shimberg Health Sciences Library is the second on-campus library and offers all students, not just those majoring in health sciences, a place to do their work. More information about these libraries can be found on USF's website. Libraries are great for those who want a quiet and focused atmosphere while working or studying.

Outside on Your Balcony or Patio

Studying outside is a great way to get some fresh air and increase productivity. A simple way to achieve this is by taking your work onto your USF apartment's balcony or patio. You'll get all the benefits of working outside without ever having to leave your apartment. Enjoy this space and make the most of it while studying. Listen to the chirping of birds and enjoy your surroundings, all the while raising your grades.

Being a college student can get difficult at times, but there's always somewhere you can go to be productive and finish those assignments. The University of South Florida is located near some incredible study spots, which you should make the most of. USF apartments are great for studying and are located near these spots as well. Your dream study location can be just a short walk or drive away. Happy studying!

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