What are the best Summer jobs to make extra money near USF apartments?

During the summertime, people tend to go on vacation and there are a lot of new and open job opportunities, especially for students and people who want to start working. If you are a student attending the University of South Florida, chances are that you could use the extra money and benefit from staying busy during the school term. With more money comes the ability to go out with friends when everyone comes back during the Fall season.

Plus, experience working during a less hectic season can be a stepping stone for other opportunities and internships that would look great on a graduate's resume. If you need more work experience and want to make extra money on the side of everything else, applying for a summer job near USF apartments is the way to go!

Work at an Apartment Near USF

When you are living in an apartment, the people at the front office tend to be students that also live in the same complex. It's very convenient to live in student housing in Tampa and work in the same place. You would save a lot of money just by not traveling too far for work every day.

Typical responsibilities of an advising assistant might include answering phone calls, helping residents navigate leases and other important documents, talking to parents about billing and apartment fees, and giving tours to new or prospective residents.

This would be a great job for any student because you would already know what life is like living in that apartment near USF. All residents know the amenities, payment process, and mail situation where they live. This knowledge could help other people when looking to sign with that apartment as a new resident.

Looking for Serving or Restaurant Jobs Near USF Apartments

A great way to make more than minimum wage is to become a server or work at a restaurant. The reason why you can make even more money is because of tips that you receive on the job. Many restaurants tip out all their workers, not just the servers and bartenders!

Some of the best apartments in the USF area are close to amazing restaurants that will hire a dedicated, hardworking student on the spot. Although you might have to consider costs for gas to and from your USF apartment, traffic, and longer hours and shifts, you can make a lot more money this way!

Work for the University of South Florida

Many people I know have worked for their school because they knew the campus and were comfortable working for such a reliable employer as a university or college. I would say the biggest benefit of working for your school is that they usually hire students, are more flexible with other commitments and the working hours of their employees, and are not typically open on holidays.

USF offers a lot of job opportunities for students to work both on and off campus. Plus, if you want to save money on transportation, you could take the Bull Runner shuttle and not need to take a personal vehicle to and from work at all!

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