What grocery stores are near USF Apartments?

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Union on Fletcher
The Union on Fletcher is within walking distance of the USF Publix.

Moving to college can be scary, and there can be a lot on your mind. From making sure you find your classroom on the first day of school, to making sure you packed everything you need. Finding a good grocery store near you is probably not on your priority list. That's okay though! We've got you covered, there are plenty of great grocery store choices near University of South Florida apartmentsthat can meet every student's needs. From cheaper alternatives, to specific brand names, we have it all!

Cheaper grocery stores in Tampa near USF 

We know that being a college student can come with financial stress, and managing expenses such as groceries is not always easy. That is why we found some affordable grocery store options near USF apartments. The first option is Aldis which is located only 5 min away from campus, off Fletcher and Bruce B Downs. Aldis has a lot of great quality products for an extremely cheap price, making their groceries very affordable. Aldis also has a great organic section as well, for students looking for cheaper produce. 

Other cheaper alternatives near USF also include Walmart, which is less than a 5 min drive from campus, and Winn Dixie, which is also located right next to USF as well. Both these stores have a lot of great options for students who are looking to find their groceries at a cheaper price. If you have a car on campus, or are okay going a little farther, there is a Trader Joe's located about 20-25 min away from USF as well.

Publix Nearby USF campus

Don't have a car on campus? No problem, one of the great things about USF is that there is a Publix super market on campus. This grocery store is located only steps away from USF dorms, and even only a few minutes walk from some apartments near USF as well. This Publix is a little smaller than most full size Publix's, but it still has a large variety of options. From fresh sushi to getting a delicious pub sub at the deli, this grocery store really has anything you need. If you don't want to walk because you live on the other side of campus, that's okay too! The bull runner, which is the bus students take on campus, has multiple stops right near the Publix. Having this grocery store right on campus makes this extremely accessible to students, and is convenient for students coming without a car as well.

Some healthier options near USF apartments

If you are looking for some healthier grocery store options that may have certain brands you are looking for, Sprouts next to campus has a lot of great choices. They have a wellness area inside the store, where you can get certain proteins, vitamins, and more. They also have a deli inside, as well with some great quick sandwiches for students. Something else that is really great about Sprouts is that they have a wide variety of brand options, which is important to some students. When it comes to different produce items, meats, and etc, Sprouts can have a wider variety of healthier options for students. Overall, USF has lots of different grocery store options for their students with different wants and needs.    

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