Where are some good study spots near USF Apartments?

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Park Place
Park Place is one of USF'S apartment complexes that has multiple private study rooms.
College can be a very stressful and overwhelming time, and when it comes to studying we know you need a quiet space. Whether it's loud chaotic roommates, or just wanting to get out of your room, having a good study space during the school year is extremely important. Luckily, there are plenty of study spots to choose from near the University of South Florida. From reading your books by the pool, to studying at a coffee shop, there is definitely the perfect study spot for everyone.

Studying at apartments near USF

You don't need to travel very far to find the best study spot, apartments near USF have some of the best ones! Most apartments near USF do have swimming pools such as Park Place, Avalon Heights, and The Standard. These pools have a variety of different tables and chairs to accommodate their residents that can make the perfect new study spot. 

Most apartments near USF also have study lounges to allow their residents to take a break from studying in their apartments. These lounges are usually equipped with printers and sometimes even their own computers, to help assist residents in getting their work done. Most of the apartments near USF also have private study rooms that you can rent out. These study rooms are sometimes sound proof, and also sometimes have a white board or tv in them. These lounges really do make the perfect study spot for you and your roommates, if you do not want to leave your apartment complex.  

Studying at the University of South Florida                                       

If you feel your apartment does not have the perfect study spot for you, USF itself has a lot of great options! One of the most popular places to study on campus is the library because it has multiple floors to occupy a large number of students. There is a Starbucks inside the library if you want to grab a mid study snack, and the library also has certain parts that are dedicated to tutoring and providing extra help. A lot of the buildings on campus also make perfect study spots such as the Honors College, as well as different spots outside around campus as well. Castor beach is a mini beach on campus with chairs, which could also make the perfect study spot for students as well.

Coffee Shops/Cafes near USF apartments 

If studying at your apartment complex or on campus does not sound very appealing. Coffee shops might make the perfect new study spot! There are a variety of little cafes around USF that are made to study at such as Foxtail Coffee, Starbucks, Raining Berries, Felicitous, and many more. These coffee shops all come equipped with wifi, so students can connect to get the best possible experience. The coffee shop Felicitous offers a great study experience with a small outside patio, where you can study while enjoying your favorite snack or beverage. A lot of coffee shops near campus sometimes also offer student discounts as well. So there are a variety of benefits that come with studying at a coffee shop, and USF has a ton of great options. 
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