How far is USF from Disney?

Many tourist find the state of Florida an attractive place to visit due to its warm climate, blissful beaches, and Disney World! Living in Tampa means you get to experience all three of these. The University of South Florida is located right in the most convenient part of Tampa. Meaning, your USF apartment is in between the major roadways of 2-75, I-75 and I-4! All in all, Disney is a straight and easy trip down I-4 which is only minutes from campus. The commute from Tampa to Orlando is a fairly common one for business professionals and tourist who wish to visit the magic land and come back to Tampa to enjoy its beaches. However, it will take roughly an hour to get to Mickey’s house. Nonetheless, this trip is almost always made within a day. You can avoid traffic by leaving before the morning rush hour or right after it. The straight trip will make it easy to avoid getting lost and the ride home almost always seems faster!

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