How can I cope with The Office leaving Netflix in my USF apartment?

As if 2020 was not already hard enough, we are now left with the crippling conclusion of The Office's run on Netflix. When quarantine started, many folks decided to fill their days with Netflix binges of everyone's favorite passive comedy. I mean, could you ask for a more perfect show? The Office was perfect for any occasion! Need some white noise while you study? Throw on The Office. Need a study break? Throw on The Office. Need something new to stream? Throw on The Office because you can't decide on anything else! Now, Netflix will be getting rid of our go-to favorite on December 31st, which leaves us asking the question… how can anyone cope with this tragedy in USF off campus housing?

New Replacements to Binge on Your USF Apartment Couch

While The Office may be leaving, Netflix has added other comedy shows that might take its place in your bingeing routine. Community, for example, is a comedy series made by the same company, NBC, that offers a different set of characters and jokes in a refreshing format that holds its own without relying on the mockumentary setup we have come to know and love.

Netflix also offers a wide array of original series that can potentially take The Office's place in your streaming library. Binge-worthy shows such as The Queen's Gambit and Space Force can keep you just as engaged as you'd like to be without missing important parts of the story; series like these can be watched actively or passively without taking too much away from the viewer's experience. Especially if you live with roommates who have also enjoyed watching Michael Scott fry his foot on a George Foreman grill or hosting the most uncomfortable dinner party ever, diving into a new television series can go from feeling like a chore to the highlight of your day if you find the show perfect for you.

Watch Your Favorite Actors In Other Roles

Whether your favorite replacement for Michael Scott was DeAngelo Vickers, Robert California, or Andy Bernard, you can watch your favorite actors (respectively, Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, James Spader, and Ed Helms) in other roles that can have you actually rolling on the floor, laughing. Some films, like Anchorman, feature a couple of these actors at once; others, like The Lorax or Kicking & Screaming, only feature one at a time. For those used to bingeing Netflix shows for hours at a time every day, films like these can deliver a hearty laugh and eat up an hour and a half to two hours at a time, depending on the flick. Watching your favorite Michael Scott replacements, or Michael Scott himself, in other roles can fill that void you are sure to feel once our beloved series leaves Netflix for the foreseeable future.

Keeping Up With The Cast

While every smash-hit TV show usually leads to a memorable cast reunion a few years or decades later, there are some of us that just can't wait and need to continue the story of The Office now. Luckily, two of the show's recurring actresses, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, have started a podcast where they discuss the writing and production behind The Office and give key insights into filming some of our favorite scenes to rewatch time and time again. Their podcast, called The Office Ladies, not only gives in-depth perspectives of every episode, but also accepts questions from audience members like you and I that they will answer on a future recording! You, your family, your friends, your roommates, even your dog can submit a question that is likely to be answered for the whole world to hear if you feel passionate enough to ask it.

You see, even though The Office has to leave us at the end of December, we have a lifetime to figure out the replacement(s) right for us. Whether we prefer to move onto an entirely different show, watch our favorite comedic actors explore other roles, or keep up with the cast today by tuning into their podcast, every fan living in a USF apartment can cope in the best way for them.

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