Is the USF area boring?

As you knock around town you will quickly notice that there is plenty to do near USF apartments. From theme parks to shopping, beach days, parks and dinning, many apartments near USF are surrounded by waves of entertainment.

Located just across from the University of South Florida campus are two of Tampa's theme parks; Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Busch Garden offers roller coaster for its adventure seekers, wildlife for the animals lovers, and some of Florida's finest nature for those who prefer to kick back and relax. Being just five minutes from campus, many students flock to the theme park after classes.

Adventure Island, on the other hand, is a water park dedicated to those who enjoy pools, slides, tubing and more. Although this park is located directly across the street from Busch Gardens, beware of the city's turbulent sun. Often times, this park may be shut down during the few cold weeks and during heavy lightning storms.

There are several malls near the college campus. Just within minutes of many USF apartments and the campus itself, is the University Square mall. Here, you will find stores such a footlocker and Old Navy. However, this mall is one of the oldest in the Bay area and may lack in the designer store category. Wiregrass mall, no more than a fifteen minute drive from school grounds is a newly built outdoor mall that contains handfuls of popular bars, restaurants, and some of your favorite stores. This mall has become a local hot spot for students, graduates and young professionals.

International Mall is nearly a twenty to twenty-five minute drive from the USF neighborhood. However, this mall will have nearly every store you can think of. Located nextdoor to the airport, International Plaza carries your favorites stores such as J Crew, Forever21, Neiman Macrus and more.

Although the beach is not considered to be a part of the University of South Florida's backyard, it is a short distance from campus. Clearwater Beach will probably be the closest beach near USF apartments. Since most communities are located just off of I-75, traveling to the beach areas of the state has become quite a convenient commute. There are also number coastal beaches near the Causeway, just past the International Mall. These types of beaches, are great for fishing, relaxing, or playing with your pet in the warm gulf waters.

If you love to be outside, as most Floridians do, there are plenty of recreational places to visit. Lettuce Lake Park is located just behind the University. This park is perfect for those who enjoy biking, jogging, or just enjoying some scenic views of Florida's nature. USF also has plenty of jogging trails throughout campus that takes joggers in and out of the surrounding woods.

Dinning is not by the dozen in Tampa. In fact, there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to selecting which type of atmosphere you prefer. From pizza to sushi, trendy cuisine, and steak houses, the USF area leaves you with hundreds of options to choose from.

Overall, the USF area is far from boring. There are plenty of activities to partake in just within the 20 mile radius of the school.

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