I'm transferring from USF to the University of Georgia. What do I need to do to become a Dawg?

While us Bulls will miss you, if you really belong in Georgia, then we support your decision to become a Bulldog!

The UGA Transfer Process

Since you're a current USF student, you should first check your transfer eligibility. To qualify for the main UGA campus, Athens, you need to have one year of college on your transcript and have graduated high school at least 12 months prior, an overall GPA of 3.3, and 30-59 completed hours. Particularly popular or challenging majors may have additional requirements, so think about what you'd like to study when you apply. Be sure to keep a close eye on the very strict deadlines of the transfer process. Set calendar reminders and start your transfer journey at least a year before you start at UGA. Be prepared to pay $70, have aUSF to UGA completed application for transfer admission, and to locate your most recent official transcripts from the University of Florida. The Office of Transfer Services will provide you with all the minor details. Get a thorough introduction from the Transfer Student Presentation. After you've completed the tedious transfer process and get an official offer of admission from UGA, now comes the fun part.

Find an Athens Apartment

Finding an apartment near the University of Georgia will make your transfer feel real. While succeeding as a transfer is a great thing, some student find that they struggle in the social aspect. Picking a student apartment that is nearby campus and will be occupied by fellow dawgs can give you a head start in meeting people. A great area to consider is Downtown Athens with lots of local dining, entertainment, and nightlife; many students live here! This area will have you immersed in UGA's passionate fans on game day. Another popular student option is the Five Points area. Milledge Avenue and Lumpkin Street intersect to create this highly trafficked area right next to UGA's Sorority Row. You'll be able to walk to class and check out local shops easily. As a transfer, it would be smart for you to choose a floor plan with roommates. Take advantage roommate matching services in many Athens student properties to find people you may get along with. Living in a two bedroom to four bedroom apartment near UGA can be a great way to make friends. 

Get Involved at UGA

Now that you've found a suitable place to live, you need to focus on melting into the Bulldog community. A fraternity or sorority is a straightforward way to meet a lot of people and is quite popular at UGA. Don't be afraid to talk to people and be bold. There's plenty of ways to get involved in clubs, student government, and more at UGA. If you're unsure, here's even more tips on making friends at UGA.

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