Are USF apartments expensive?

The University of South Florida is located in the heart of Tampa. Settled near some of the city's finest attractions such a theme parks, malls and restaurants, have made the student-living community of USF to be an attractive home to many.

USF apartments vary in price range depending on several factors. Within the University of South Florida zone, there are plenty of inventory to choose from stemming from luxury condo-styled units to student-centered floor plans.

Fowler v Fletcher

Fowler and Fletcher are both the main roads surrounding the University district. USF apartments in this area tend to be more affordable. The perks to living in this area are the closeness of proximity to campus, cheaper living, walking access to the mall and restaurants. However, traffic gets pretty brutal during rush hour on these streets. In addition, most communities on these roads are older and more outdated. Be careful with where you choose to live on these roads. Some parts of this area are considered to be high crime districts.

Bruce B Downs

Bruce B Downs is another major roadway that has attracted the likes of USF students. USF apartments here can really fluctuate when it comes to living expenses. Homes located on Bruce B Downs that are closer to campus are more accommodating to a student budget. However, the further you go from campus, the more the price tends to scale. Apartments near USF located on this road are newer, more updated and come with loads of amenities. Wire Grass Mall is also located just off of Bruce B Downs, which is a fantastic outdoor mall equipped with several popular bars, restaurants, Starbucks and a Barnes and Nobel.

Busch Boulevard

Busch Boulevard is an older part of the Tampa area. Properties on this street are only a short drive to campus. On this street, there are mixes of old and new communities. Like the Fletcher and Fowler areas, most homes tend to be on the cheaper side. In addition, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island are located on this street. The downside to this area is that is can become congested with traffic, and the area is a little run down. However, there are plenty of student-centered communities in this neighborhood.

All of the mentioned areas are within close access to major interstates such as I-75 and 275, which makes commuting to districts in the Tampa Bay area to be much simpler. However, living on or near the Bruce B Downs area may result in a longer commute to the beaches and downtown. When selecting your new living location, know that there are plenty of units to choose from. If you prefer a luxury apartment, look at properties on Bruce B Downs. If you hope to be more student-centered, I would recommend looking for a home on Fletcher Avenue. To live with a roommate or two, check out floor plants on Fowler. Busch Boulevard is perfect for those who plan to ignite their collegiate lives with adventure by visiting the theme parks on a weekly basis.

Whichever your preference may be. USF living communities tend to be very affordable for its students.

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