Are USF apartments a good option for University of Tampa students?

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The short answer is yes.

But here are some pros and cons that should help you decide if it's the right fit for you.



Rent by the bedroom

One major benefit of student housing is the ability to rent by-the-bed versus renting out the entire apartment. Otherwise referred to as an individual lease, this means you are only responsible for the upkeep of your room, bathroom and common areas. You are also guaranteeing that you will pay your portion of rent and aren't on the hook if your roommate defaults or forgets to pay on time. You may pay a slight premium for this offer but it is most likely still cheaper than an apartment in downtown Tampa. Which leads us to the next "pro."


Cheaper than most apartments in downtown Tampa

There isn't a lack of options when it comes to apartments around UT and the downtown area. But there is a lack of affordable options. Downtown is pretty active with concerts, local eats, sporting events and festivals which means you will pay to live near all the action. Moving a little further out will open up your options and lower the price point of many places. The apartments near USF are friendlier to a student's budget.


Student-friendly environment

This one is a no-brainer and while it may seem a little weird to live in the mix of another college campus, think of the perks that come along with it such as:

  • Fit right in with other college-aged students
  • Resident activities catered towards college students
  • Meeting new people outside your school
  • Living off-campus with a bit more independence
  • Events in the area that are catered to students and sometimes include discounts
  • There are already other University of Tampa students living there!



You will have a longer commute

Yes, it stinks not being close to campus. And you may not have a car, which means public transportation would be in your future. If location if your number one priority, then an apartment near USF may not be the right fit for you. The drive time can be anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes depending on traffic and what time you need to get to class.


Student-friendly environment

Wait? Didn't you put this in the "pro" category? No, you aren't seeing double. It's in both places because depending on your personality, you may not want an environment that caters to students. If you are looking for something a little quieter or a slightly older crowd, student housing may not be the right fit for you.


Hopefully these answers have gotten you a little closer to a decision on whether an apartment near USF is a good option for UT students. If you are still on the fence, browse through our list that includes photos and full property details. If you are nearby, we'd also suggest going to take a look for yourself. You can even schedule and appointment directly through this site. Good luck and happy apartment finding!





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