Are there any hospitals near USF?

Are you looking to live in USF apartments near hospitals? USF apartments are located conveniently in the center of Tampa. This allows residents to have access to several different hospitals according to their Tampa neighborhood location.

If you are living in USF apartments on or just on the outskirts of the campus borders, the closest hospital to you will be Florida Hospital. This hospital is located just across the street from campus and will treat everything from emergency care to pediatrics, surgical weight loss, and orthopedics. If you prefer to live just next door to this hospital look for apartments near USF located on Fletcher Avenue.

If you have settled down in areas of North Tampa and Carrollwood, there are several options available to you. St. Joseph's North is one of Tampa's newest neighborhoods. The emergency room is known to be of little waiting and the brand new building has been described as luxurious. As most hospitals do, St. Joe's North offers a variety of health care services. St. Joe's is located on Van Dyke, closer to Pasco and Hillsborough County line. This area is known to be quite affordable and family friendly.

Living in North Tampa also allows you to visit the original St. Joseph's hospital. Located on South Dale Maybe on Martin Luther King is St. Joe's hospital and St. Joseph's women hospital. This part of Tampa is further from USF apartments and closer to the Raymond James stadium, where the Bulls play their home games. Most homes in this area are older. However, they are conveniently located next to major roadways. Moreover, you have access to two different hospitals.

Those in New Tampa have a shorter route to the University of South Florida. New Tampa has just recently become home to Florida Hospital. Florida Hospital, newly built, sits just next door to the Wiregrass Mall. For those of you residing in this area, Florida Hospital is near Wesley Chapel, New Tampa and the Land O Lakes neighborhoods. The downside to living near this hospital is that you may experience traffic during rush hour. The airport, downtown and beaches may be up to a 35- minutes commute. However, this is a very family friendly area with lots of suburbs and gated communities.

There are several hospitals surrounding USF apartments such as St. Joseph's and Florida Hospital. You may have more choices when it comes to living in North Tampa in regard to health care services. However, New Tampa may allow you to be closer to campus and just next door to a hospital.


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