I love photography. What are some good spots for photos or photo shoots near USF apartments?

Residents who love photography and want the opportunity to snap some unique shots will love the area near USF apartments. This location has beautiful outdoor scenery, distinct buildings, and so many different kinds of wildlife that could lead to one of your best photos yet! You can even find USF apartments with water views, complete with gorgeous sparkling fountains, gazebos, and native Florida trees. You'll be able to add many new photos to your portfolio without having to venture far from home. Keep reading to learn about a few exciting opportunities for photography in your new town.

Residents interested in wildlife photography will be able to find several exciting animal subjects in the area. Throughout the year, and mostly between April and July for breeding season, you'll spot some of the magnificent species of hawks that call Florida home. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to find a red-shouldered hawk in the trees right outside of USF apartments. You'll probably even learn to recognize their distinct call. While they will venture closer to the ground while hunting, you may need a high-zoom lens to snap a photo of them in their nests. Apartments near USF with a patio or balcony are perfect for a bird feeder and some blooming plants, creating the perfect backdrop for a few of your wildlife photos. Common Florida birds that visit feeders include finches, cardinals, and warblers.

Looking for something a bit more exotic? USF apartments near Busch Gardens will give you the chance to take photos of lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and much more. You can snap a rare photo of a white tiger basking in the sun or cooling off inside the water. Tigers splashing and swimming through the water can produce exceptional—and often comical—action shots. If you come during the right time, you may even be able to get pictures of lion, tiger, or cheetah cubs. Nearby Lowry Park Zoo is also a great place to take photos of exotic animals.

Once you've filled up your portfolio with close-up shots of the wildlife, USF apartments are close to a number of picturesque outdoor parks with lakes, rivers, and nature trails that are ideal subjects for landscape photography. Lettuce Lake Park and USF River Park are both located along the river, which is surrounded by branching trees and boardwalks. Lettuce Lake Park even has a four story wooden tower that gives you a fantastic view from the top.

While USF apartments have all the best nature photography opportunities, you can also take photos near some of the unique buildings in the area, like the Museum of Science and Industry, the Historic District in Ybor, and the Tampa Theatre. These are good backdrops for human subject photography as well. In addition, the USF campus has sculptures and artwork created by local artists in several locations, so get your camera ready and start looking for a new place in Tampa today!

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