I’m trying to find an apartment for my son to live in when he attends USF. How can I find a great apartment near USF without visiting Tampa?

When you first start your search, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Tampa apartments near USF are easy to find, but the quantity of the choices can just be too much. Our easy search tool can help you narrow down your choices. Whether you are interested in price, safety, location, or any number of things for your son's new home, we have plenty of options AND ways to narrow down those options to show only the apartments that you are interested in. Skip the long process of sorting through hundreds of USF apartments, and let us help you find the perfect new place!

As a parent, you will probably be concerned for your son's safety while he lives here. That's certainly understandable, and there are many places to live that offer various options that may help you rest a little easier. You can find USF apartments with gated access, alarm systems, security patrols, and more.

If you will be helping out with the rent, you're probably interested in finding a great deal for your son. Generally, the cheapest option will be for him to live with roommates. We let you filter for units with individual leases or with roommate matching services if he doesn't have roommates picked out already.

You can also see the proximity to campus with our map, which pinpoints locations of complexes. Whether your son has a car or not, he will probably want to be fairly close to campus. USF has a very large campus, so if he already knows his major, you may even want to check out a USF campus map to see which side of the campus he might want to live closer to. USF traffic can be pretty busy during peak school arrival and departure times. If he won't have a car, you can check out which USF apartments are close to public transportation.

If he will be moving from several hours away, you may want to look for a furnished unit. This can save you lots of time and effort. You can also find Tampa apartments that offer all-inclusive rent, which means he will only be responsible for one bill each month, rather than several. (Of course, he will still have to do phone and some other payments separately, but he will only have one bill for his home.)

Whatever you might be searching for, our search tool, descriptions, and reviews should help you choose the right USF apartment for your son. The pictures available give you a pretty good idea of what your son's apartment will look like, although if you are visiting the area, you may still prefer to schedule a tour of the place.

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